Runestones are a cultural item of the Rjurik people. They consist of small stones that have had runes scored on them. They do not have to be magical items, but some are.

[top]Reading runestones

Runestones are used for prognostication. Almost anyone can be trained to read runestones. The common way to "read the stones" is to draw three stones from a pouch. If successfully understood, the god Erik will grant the reader knowledge and insight into the past, present or future. These runestones do not have to be magical in anyway, but the runes used on them are universal across most of the Rjurik Highlands.
However, having a successful read is a complex process. It is a feat that must be learnt but it cannot be learnt by priests who worship opposing gods to Erik, e.g. Belinik and Kriesha. DMs should use similar rules to other methods of prognostication. Rewards should be given to anyone who already has knowledge of the divination domain.

[top]Enchanting runestones

Runestones can be enchanted so that their bearer can "activate" the clerical magic stored within the stone. This is a one-use-only item. As magical storage devices, they follow the rules for potions. These can only be created by druids of Erik.

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