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Royal Navy of Müden


Military Hierarchy

GB Income
7 GB (Province 0 GB; Law 7 GB)
RP Income
21 RP (Province 0 RP; Law 21 RP)
GB Expenses
GB (Army GB; Fortifications GB; Court GB)
Acc. Regency


Pirate attacks in the Black Ice Bay intensified each year until, finally, Müden's Count Richard Talbehr named Melisande Reaversbane as Captain of the Royal Fleet. A love for Müden and its continued health flowed in her blood as strongly as did her hatred for the pirates of the Krakennauricht. She is a vassal of the Count and her fair but strict attitudes won her immediate
respect. Soon, she controlled the law in the provinces bordering the Krakennauricht.

[top]Life and Society

Military threats against Müden?s soil and citizens from Black Ice Bay are handled by the Captain of the Royal Fleet. Reaversbane appoints a commander to oversee small and insignificant matters; if the situation appears particularly threatening to the security of Müden, however, she?ll command the troops assigned to the mission herself.

[top]The Land

Count of Müden, Richard Talbehr, owns the land, but those provinces are governed by Melisande Reaversbane to maintain the Royal Navy.


In the History of Müden, the Royal Navy has sometimes been run directly by the Count, sometimes by a lieutenant, and occasionally as a vassal domain. Today, under Captain Melisande Reaversbane, the navy is a vassal domain.
When Richard Talbehr came to the throne, he had to find a lieutenant to take over the navy. He walked the diplomatic tightrope as nimbly as any regent in the domain?s history, but his insufficient attention to his navy allowed Grabentod to increase the attacks on Black Ice Bay fishing and mercantile traffic. Several commanders were appointed in the eleven years between Richard's succession and 543 MR, when Melisande Reaversbane was named as Captain of the Royal Fleet. Melisande possessed love for Müden for its continued health flowed in her blood as strongly as did her hatred for the pirates of the Krakennauricht. Her fair but strict attitudes won her immediate respect. Richard gave her enough law holdings to do the work of the Royal Navy of Müden, but her energy, skill, and respect allowed her to rapidly build on this to its present level. In spite of the fact that her power in these provinces now surpasses the Count's, she has never considered a secession - her love for a unified Müden is too strong.
Captain Reaversbane believed training and efficiency would thwart the attacks of the pirates. In the first year the domain?s ships - be they military, merchant, or fishing - were required to undertake a month long intensive training program of her own design. Every year afterward, the ships were upgraded, patched, improved, and sent back out to patrol. Using the resources from her law holdings, the budget for new shipbuilding has increased by 50 percent over the last 10 years, and the quality of the ships has increased drastically as well.
After a few battles around the Zweilunds, Reaversbane decided to set a trap for the pirate king of Grabentod, her greatest nemesis. Four years ago, during an intense naval engagement, that lasted 14 days, Reaversbane managed to capture Albrecht Graben, King of Grabentod. She immediately returned him to the capital of Brechlen for incarceration. He has not seen daylight since.


[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Important Figures

Melisande Reaversbane, Captain of Müden?s Royal Fleet

Richard Talbehr, Count of Müden

Alaric Pinemast, Captain of the Royal Marines

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Royal Navy of Müden
Allesrecht (6/1)MR (4)ET (4)Th (4)-
RT(2)FS (1)QF (1)
Cohrtab (7/0)MR (4)ET (3)Th (3)-
RT(2)FS (2)
Golbrag (6/1)MR (4)ET (3)Th (4)-
RT(1)FS (2)
Hauptrehr (7/0)MR (4)ET (3)Th (4)-
RT(3)FS(4)QF (3)
Wesbralen (7/0)MR (5)FS (4)Th (5)GR (0)
RT(2)ET (2)QF (2)
Abbreviations: MR=Melisande Reaversbane (Captain of the Royal Fleet); RT=Richard Talbehr (Müden); ET=Emma Trulacht (Sailing Song of Neira); FS=Fulda Spiritwalker (Éla?s Midnight Shadow); Th=Theofold Segwardes (Brecht Seelundkaufen); QF=Quick Fingers; GR=Gastus Reiggaart.

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