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Arms of RomieneArms of Romiene

Resources: Mutton, wool, cloth, leather, dyes.
Population: x


Romiene lies in the north moor country of Dhoesone full of heather fields and sheep. Like Saerskaap, across the Northbyrn River, Romiene would revert to forest, but the sheep and other animals graze so extensively and the people burn the fields occasionally to remove small trees and brush. Trees are left on property boundaries and are grown densely along these lines as wind breaks for the fields. The land, though not so hilly as Dharilein or Udvika, is still a bit too hilly to encourage agriculture, except along the alluvial lands in the Northbyrn valley.

Fields and farms of RomieneFields and farms of Romiene

A hilly province, Romiene is dominated by farming crofts and flocks of sheep. As a result it is also noted for its dyers, spinners and weavers. Until a summer ago Romiene was a well populated province considered fortunate for having escaped the ravages of the shivering plague that beset Bjondrig, then the giants came.

A great force of giants led by fhoimorien wearing glowing jade circlets, marched from the Giantdowns in the dead of winter a year ago. The giants smashed through the army of Dhoesone and leveled much of the province of Romiene which saw the bulk of the fighting. The majority of the giants then moved on to the coast, built great longships during the summer and sailed away to the west leaving Romiene shattered in their wake.

The herding Rjurik of the province live according to the same life-ways as the people of upper Stjordvik and give reverence to Erik as well. The Oaken Grove is well established here, having the love and devotion of the people. The troubles of the realm don't often bother the people, as their countess, Clumine Dhoesone, is ever watchful from threats and dangers, and reads portents in the stars to prepare for what cannot be prevented. Neither the Blood Skullers nor the troubles of the Giantdowns historically got as far as Romiene before Clumine appeared to drive them back. Indeed the countess looks out for the whole realm of Dhoesone, and though she is often away in Sonnelind, she is familiar with her people and returns to her great longhouse, so called Silver House, on Lake Calluna. As the Baroness Fhiele Dhoesone is far away, the loyalty of the people is to their countess. The recent giant invasion has caused some of the people to doubt the strength of their countess but most of the people expect her to rid them of the giants soon.

The power of the Oaken Grove is enhanced by the substantial land holdings of the temple at Barstowe. Hildirid Ketilsdotter is the godar of Barstowe. Though she owes some allegiance to the countess for the defense of the province, her deeper loyalties lay with the Oaken Grove. Hildirid would raise up an army and march on the logging camps of Storm Holtson and Mheallie Bireon if not restrained by countess Clumine and the Archdruid of the Oaken Grove, Günther Brandt, who does not object to her sentiments, but believes that a time will soon come when arms will have a role in the guilder problem. That time is not today, however. The province's temples are overseen by druid, Ragnheithr White Elk, who has been around since long before the rise of the Brecht Archdruid, Günther. The energy and forceful resistance of the Oaken Grove in Dhoesone to the encroachment of the temples of Sarimie is a joy to the old druid, who stands ready, staff in hand, to topple the guildhalls.

The herdsmen reluctantly deal with the factors and mercantylers of Andien and Sons. The people complain that they pay too little for wool and sell their products too dearly. Their credit terms are too hard, and their scales are suspected of being weighted. The druids of the Oaken Grove also warn against Andien and Sons, teaching of the greed of guilders and their abuse of the land and its people. Nevertheless, the people must sell their wool to make a living and must buy goods from outside the province, so must deal with one of the guilders. The local druid, Ragnheithr White Elk, has suggested to the countess that the Three Trees Traders might be less troubling, but the Baroness wants no new guilders to complicate her already difficult relations.

Their countess, Clumine Dhoesone, is the granddaughter of Humbert Dhoesone, the old baron's brother, and so is a cousin once removed to the Baroness Fhiele. She is also related to the house of Udvika, and can count its jarlless, Hrafnhild Djursunsdotter as a cousin as well as her other neighbor, Skjada, called one-eye, who was at one time a suitor for her mother's hand.


Clumine Dhoesone is the Countess of Romiene
Hildirid Ketilsdotter, Lady of Barstowe
Ragnheithr White Elk, Druid of Romiene.


Barstowe is the largest town in Romiene following the destruction of Harper's Point - indeed much of its population escaped the town while the warriors of the realm died defending their escape. Barstowe is currently bursting at the seams and the nobility and druids are desperate to build proper accommodations for many of the people before the cramped and often squalid conditions degenerate into catastrophe during a hot summer or cold winter.

[top]Ched's Gorge

Ched's Gorge lies in the east of Romiene. Noted for its aromatic cheeses the villagers have long stored great wheels in the limestone caves of the gorge. When the giants raged through the province last year the villagers hid in the caves and escaped unharmed. Since the caves became sanctuary rather than simply storage place the villagers have begun exploring more deeply for the first time, and also begun talking of carving passages from the rock between the larger caves to make them into true sanctuaries in case the giants return.

[top]Tanners' Croft

Tanners' Croft is a town barely more than a league south of Harper's Point. Traditionally the less pleasant industries of Harper's Point, tanning and soap-making and so on, were carried out in Tanners' Croft to spare the larger town from their stench. The Croft has fallen on hard times with the capture of Harper's Point by giants and many of its people live in mortal fear of the brutes. The Mayor ceaselessly calls on Clumine Dhoesone, countess of the province, to prevail upon the Baroness to send troops to defend his town.

[top]Sites and features

[top]Harper's Point

Until the great giant invasion the county town of Romiene was Harper's Point, named after a tor about which the river bends. Then the forces of Dhoesone made their stand within the town and it was crushed alongside them. To the dismay of the Baroness some of the giants did not sail east with the others. The Fhoimorien Rauck Stonebreaker chose to remain in Harper's Point with his family and many of their servants.
The giants rule Harper's Point with a fist of iron, their goblin servants dwell in the houses of the Dhoesone people while the giants themselves are constructing a fort built to house their huge frames. The Fhoimorien raid villages about Romiene from time to time to steal livestock and take people as slaves.

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