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Rohrmarch is a militarised realm. Although the civil war is in its death throes, a substantial demobilisation is probably not possible, given Rohrmarch's surfeit of hostiles for neighbors. Despite the casualties wrought in the devastating battle at Friedhaven, the new regent, as King Alaric's successor, still commands a substantial force of three scout units, two infantry units and one elite infantry unit, the King's Own Royal Regiment. Prince Oden's forces were utterly crushed at Friedhaven.

The Knights of Rohrmarch and the two elite infantry units of the Rohrgaard Division were destroyed to a man, while the surviving cavalry units scattered. But with minor effort, the regent should be able to reform one cavalry unit to join his side, if he can find the money to maintain these additional troops. Currently, one scout unit, one infantry unit and one elite infantry unit are deployed at Rohrgaard. Werthangen holds one infantry unit and one scout unit is deployed at Osternord to keep a watchful eye on the Vampire and Kiergard.

Haelyn's Warriors currently command two levies which perform garrison duties in Friedlund and Nunkappel.

Opposing the regent are the forces of Kurt Warkinde. In addition to two levies which serve as his reserve, Warkinde has recruited two mercenary archer units to guard his fortress, Kettenblitz. He has recruited two mercenary infantry units to augment his surviving unit of infantry, Warkinde had two such units but one deserted at Friedhaven. Warkinde has also recruited two mercenary cavalry units in preparation for a major battle with the new regent.

Rohrmarch currently has no standing navy. Its former navy had been sold or left to rot as Alaric concentrated his resources to fight the civil war. This has not proved a detriment as the civil war also discouraged foreign trade. But with the rise of the new regent, there would be greater incentive to encourage trade, and that would require a necessary level of naval power to patrol the sea trade routes against pirates from the Chimaeron and the Hydra's Domain.

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