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This Rjurik story explains why Erik's consort is the Sun, does not simply do battle with the Ice Lady and why, therefore, the Rjurik must endure their long, cold winters.
Erik gazed down from Nature`s Rest to see the snow fall upon the Rjurik people. He saw the fishermen put away their nets and hooks, for the lakes and ponds were frozen. He spread his spirit among his people and felt their chill. Erik declared that the Ice Lady concealed herself in the northlands because her power was no match for Vani. Why should Vani not come up to the northlands and chase her away, leaving the whole world free from the burdens of winter? So Erik left his forest home and traveled to solar palace of Vani.
Erik asked Vani to steer her palace to shine its light and heat further north. "My dear husband, whose spirit fills the world with life and who does love all the world. I hasten to remind you that Karesha hides not only in the far north, but also in the far south. If I pursue her north, she retreats south, and when I pursue her south, she retreats north. For me to catch her, someone must hold her down, but none are willing to touch her, for her cold is a painful and bitter cold. Besides, it is assured that Bjallanik would drive off her captor. Perhaps, loving husband, we could find another way to bring warmth and joy to your Rjurik people."
They lay together and brought forth Erik`s love for life and Avani`s warmth and judgment. So it was that Lara was born. Lara has come among the Rjurik people with her warming flame, sent by her mother, Vani, to warm the people of the northlands. She brings not only fire and hearth, but love and spiritual warmth too. She brings song and good cheer, and artful beauty to enliven our lives. She gave the druids the secret of brewing.
In this way, Vani`s cunning and understanding out witted Karesha and gave warmth to the cold. As such, Lara has but one enemy among the gods, and it is Karesha. The rest love her, and she is acknowledged as the most loved deity in the heavens.

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