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The 22nd of Deismir, (on Barlen in the third week of the month) is the anniversary of the Battle of Mount Deismaar. This is celebrated both as the anniversary of the godswar which led to the defeat of Azrai, lord of shadow and also as the ascent of the current gods to divinity. Most of the gods have ceremonies regarding this day, and some non-religous events are also common in some areas.


Celebrations in Anuire include mock battles, and the declaration of allegiances, historically the various warlords of Anuire declared that they would stand with Haelyn and Roele against The Shadow despite the great numbers arrayed against them. Roele decreed that his supporters during the Battle should be known as Dukes and rule the lands he had unified on this date. Roele not only ennobled his seven supporters on this date, but also recognised 3 allies as dukes on this date and to ensure that there were twelve duchies (twelve was a lucky number for the Andu) Roele accepted fealty from the kingdom of Aerenwe, formerly a rival Andu kingdom which accepted a place in Anuire, albeit grudgingly, at the need to be ?demoted? to Duke. In honour of this the nobles of Anuire often renew vows of fealty or accept new pledges of allegiance on this day.


The Khinasi typically spend the morning in fasting and meditation, at noon Khinasi gather outside to bask in Avani?s grace. In the coolness of the evening the Khinasi remember Basaia?s sacrifice at Deismaar and alternatively sing songs of praise and praise or attack the minions of Azrai in her honour (typically this means goblins or monsters, but some Khinasi attack elves on this day).


Although the Vos lost the battle of Deismaar, they still celebrate the battle and vehemently insist that they won ? the puny gods of the other Cerilians were slain and their leaders became powerful beyond measure with the blood of Azrai himself burning in their veins shaping them into beings of true power.
The priesthood of Belinik demands that all true warriors slay an enemy on this day, and traditionally the last great raid before winter stops all travel in Vosgaard occurs on this day.


Cuiraecen?s priests honour the battle as the fall of the Shadow and a great act of heroism by the people of Cerilia. As Cuiraecen was born in the third century after Deismaar his priests pay little heed to the ascendance of the new gods instead preaching the honourable duty of the old gods in dying to save the people of Cerilia.


The second of the new gods Eloele does not celebrate the Battle at all, although her followers take full advantage of the celebrations of other faiths to enrich themselves. Often after night has fallen, her priests preach of the death of the Azrai and the old gods as proof that the skulking shadow can garner strength unnoticed, until it is a match for all others, and how even the mightiest foes can be slain.


The ascendance of Erik shows that the cycle of life and death affects even the gods to the Druids of Erik. Reynir the Valiant died defending his people as all true warriors should, without hesitation or regret. In his death he passed his power to Erik the Wise who has guided the Rjurik since. The Druids hold feasts in honour of both gods on this day and the Skalds of Rjurik spend the day in singing heroic sagas of warriors from days gone by.


This day is the most important in Haelyn?s calendar, surpassing even The Night of Fire and The Day of Justice. The anniversary is a day for old enemies to declare truce, or sue for peace. It is a day for allies to unite and strike out against common foes, it is a day for warriors to remember the fallen and to celebrate their survival, and it is a day for all to give thanks to Haelyn who has given security to the people of Anuire for the fifteen centuries past.


Kriesha?s faithful celebrate the true lesson of Deismaar ? although many died in the battle the real casualties were caused by the collapse of the land-bridge and resulting tsunamis which annihilated the exhausted warriors too weary to flee the battle. This lesson teaches that regardless of a warrior?s strength the forces of nature are stronger still and those who exhaust themselves against mortal foes will be engulfed by forces they should have fled.


The third god born since Deismaar, priests of Laerme celebrate the battle of Deismaar as they celebrate every day, by exulting in life and the act of creation. No set rituals exist but the priests encourage betrothals and marriages, they often commission new art on this day, generally with a theme of honouring the old gods who sacrificed themselves to protect Aebrynis from the Shadow.


Nesirie grieves to this day for the Masetians, annihilated at Deismaar. Her worshippers and faithful ? generally those who live by or from the sea - spend the day in providing charity and tending to the sick. In the evening they remember Masela and the Masetians with songs once sung by the Masetians in praise of Masela, few know the meaning of the songs now but their haunting beauty it recognised by all of good heart who hear.


Vorynn was the first of the gods to warn of Azrai?s growing power and evil, and the first to die at his hands. Priests of Vorynn remember Vorynn?s sacrifice, praise Vorynn?s ascendance, and strive to honour both. They often seek to remind the Vos of the peace that the Vos cast aside when they embraced Azrai on this day, but increasingly strive to rebuild the barrier between Cerilia and the Shadow World which seems increasingly weak.


Sera?s clergy celebrate the ascension of their goddess and the liberation of the Brecht from the terror of Azrai. The day is considered lucky by the Brecht and it is common for new ventures, and particularly alliances to start on this day.

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