Regency Point

Soon after the battle of Mount Deismaar, the warriors returning from the years long war found that they had a heightened ability to bond to groups of people, to truly understand the hopes and dreams of those who put faith in them and to gain their trust. Accordingly these scions, as the warriors who had absorbed the power of the dying old gods became known, soon proved to have a greater ability to lead than those who were unblooded.

In the BRCS a scion who rules a domain or a realm is known as a regent. The power that the regent gains from those who follow them (or in the case of a true wizard that controls source holdings, the mebhaighl of the land) and that they in turn can wield to sway the populace to support their aims is known as Regency, and is measured in game terms with Regency Points a.k.a. RP.

The amount of regency points gained in any given domain turn is limited by the lower of the regent's bloodline score, the strength of their domain, and the regent's mastery of the skills of rulership. (In AD&D only the bloodline and domain strength affected regency gains).

A sufficient number of regency points can be used to increase the scion's bloodline, to power domain spells (although these typically also require expensive material components),and sway the population (by being bid towards the success of a domain action).

The only way to gain regency points aside from control of a domain is to burn one's bloodline (i.e. convert bloodline score into regency points), to carry out some great feat and win acclaim (DM's option), to be gifted RP by another regent (typically a vassal), or by certain legendary magical items or locations.

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