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Qadi (feminine: Qadiah) is the Basarji word for a count as well as a royal judge.
In Khinasi society, though a householder has dominion over his household, and is expected to follow the law which Avani has caused to be taught throughout the land, this is a private rather than a public authority, and he does not have a household court, in the way Anuireans have a manorial court. It is at the rank of qadi where the nobility have a public legal authority and act as formal judges for those below them. The Qadi hear not only public crimes but cases of household dispute, which amount to appeals from the household authority.
In the cities, where the population is too great for the qadi to sit in judgment of every case, the qadi appoint officials to hear their cases for them, and the qadi's court is reserved for appeals from these lower courts.

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