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Witness3' Shadows over the southern seas, 2019-2022

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[top]Chapter 2 - Casus belli

[top]Summer 553 - The Southern Alliance

On July 10, the kings are greeted with great celebration in the city of Ilien, where a banquet is held in their honor, despite the months of siege. A discussion opens about what is happening in the South Seas: from the involvement of the Seadrake to the pirate alliance, it cannot be a coincidence. A gigantic conclave, a sort of Southernlands Sword and Crown, is summoned for a week in Ilien, the most pirated place.

The goal is to create an alliance, a union of armies of equals, which focuses on defending pirate attacks. The fear of the barons is that behind these invasions there is again Mieres, who tried to invade Diemed the previous year. But to go against Mieres you have to go against the terrible principality of Avanil: only by uniting all together can you aim for an army that is equal to that of the prince. Of course, if there were a casus belli, unequivocal proof of the baron's atrocities, the prince would be wrong to move, and the archduke would immediately take advantage of it to declare him inadequate for the imperial throne.

At that time a ship with Vaesil Radim lands in Ilien, who claims to be the son of El Cidro Radim, former prince of Freedom Shipping. The vizier of the guild, Omar Ubuntu, welcomes him willingly, as the corporation was in danger of disbandment, left without its Leader since the days of the sword and the crown.

Vaesil immediately proves to be a very smart merchant. He will propose to the conclave a model very similar to that experienced centuries ago by the Brecht League, with a shared army funded fairly by all. He will manage to get his guild, together with the Brosen Royal Guild, to act as guarantor for the financial management of this shared army. The western realms will refer to the Mierelen, those of the East to the Radim.

A tax will be imposed for all domains located on the seas, to rebuild the ancient imperial roads and connect the entire coast, from Bliene to Barnien's Deep.

Another important decision of the conclave is to strictly prohibit feuds between guilds and / or realms, so that resources are not dispersed. In terms of play, actions of protest or war are prohibited, while it remains legitimate to bet against in bidding wars.

[top]Vaesil claims his birthright

Meanwhile, the cult of Pyotr Selinie seeks to settle among the peoples of the Diemana coast, preaching strength and violence against a weak ruler. Baron Diem focuses on tightening his iron fist on the population, increasing the presence of his authority and finally quelling the revolt in Duene. While the allies are licking the wounds of pirate attacks, in Aerenwe Norvien appoints his uncle Cael as first steward, as well as senescalco, and begins construction of a road on the Erebannien coast.

Vaesil Radim must perform an important feat to claim his title: he must secretly enter the villa of Orthien Tane, in Aerele, where Dalien Claw has his quarters, and steal the elven cloak that was already of his father El Cidro. The enterprise will succeed thanks to a daring last-minute escape, jumping between the roofs of the old city of Aerele. Vaesil will find two other very important objects: a trident, which he will recognize as very ancient, and an invitation, in the claw rooms, to enter a mysterious city, Suderham, on an unknown island.

Returning the trident to Mother Genuair will guarantee a lot of credit with Nesirie's sisters in the Radim guild, while as regards the mysterious invitation, it mentioned a ship that would leave Westmarch, in the Erebannien forest. Vaesil asks for help from King Norvien, who offers to accompany him. They do not know that Edmund Volarae, who has returned to steward of Vaesil's guild, secretly warns the baron of their intentions. For safety, King Norvien recalls his companion in adventure Azeem ibn routa, who had helped him long ago in the Westmarch forest.

The group will arrive in Suderham, after a few days of travel, on an island shrouded in a mysterious fog that prevents anyone from passing through except for the captains in possession of a special medallion.

Note from the Keeper: From here on, the pandemic came, so we had to switch to online gaming. the rest of this chapter was played upon discord and roll20 for the maps. For the rest of the chapter, the former player of El Cidro Radim came back and played his hold character.

[top]The Slavers' city

On their journey they find an unexpected ally - El Cidro Radim! He survived the Seadrake attack and is now traveling south to understand Vaumel’s real intentions. The adventurers discover that in Caelcorwynn the slavers have built a fortified city, Suderham, very thriving and full of merchants who from all over the world secretly buy slaves and contraband merchandise. Wandering through the alleys, they discover the identities of the pirate kings:

The group splits to find out more. The Radim also discover that a mysterious creature, halfway between a tiger and a human, has created a trade from the south, from a mysterious kingdom in Aduria. The creature does not disdain human blood and, after witnessing a fight in a pit of Belinik, feeds on the defeated slave.

The king, accompanied by the bounty hunter Khinasi Azeem ibn routa, infiltrates a newly arrived ship and steals one of the medallions. Find A letter from the governor, signed and sealed, where he complains about the percentages on the slave trade. Kings have their casus belli.

They are chased by guards all over Suderham, and are rescued by Adira Al-Qadim, wife of a guild leader in Ariya. His brother, Donato Al-Qadim, was kidnapped by pirates and sold as a slave. At his request, they enter the dungeons of the slaveholder's fortress, where they face a terrifying creature half bull and half human. After a violent confrontation, they capture Turiye min saida and make her break the spell. This allows Baron Diem to sneak into Suderham with a handful of men.

Finding Donatus nowhere, King Norvien finds maps of the slaver's trade routes, who have created secret holdings in the forest, on the island of Albiele, in Seaward, and in Ghaele. They then meet again with the baron, who tries to enter the fortress.

They decide to free the slaves from the tower and in the dungeons of the city, foment a revolt and take advantage of the chaos to escape on a ship. Here, however, they will have to face off against Lita Torsk, who was about to take off. A bloody battle sees the piratess fall, beheaded, from the swords of Vaesil, and the kings manage to escape from the city of the slavers to the shores of the Erebannien forest, where the wizard of the Erebannien before the kings will melt the ships of the their pursuers.

[top]Autumn 553 - the battle of Dhoenel

While Vaesil and his father personally accompany Adira al-qadim to the khinasi lands, the kings return to their thrones, vowing to increase war effort to confront the remaining pirates and organize an offensive against the islands. Diemed is faced with an attack on the Earl of Tier, perhaps hatched by a prelate of the imperial Orthodox temple; while Aerenwe announces a tournament, from which the winner will emerge a count of Roesone, Rigon Doenered, who will teach new offensive strategies to the Erebannien scouts. The kings do not know that Arron Vaumel has finally managed to win the support of the witch Mhistecai, who forgives him for the betrayal of a few years ago, when the governor said that she was the one who plotted the assault on Diemed. The witch begins to study the governor's codex, stealing dark secrets that are millennia old, knowledge created by Azrai, which was perhaps best lost. An unexpected ambush comes to the court of Aerenwe. Jason Raenech, Usurper Duke of Osoerde, offers important information in exchange for an official recognition of his position as Duke of Osoerde. Norvien refuses, as a distant relative of Willem Moergen, legitimate heir. What the Usurper will not tell Aerenwe is that he has given permission to Martel von Groot to disembark, with the last few mercenaries, at Osoerde, and to descend the Berendor River and attempt to raid a province of Aerenwe. This time, however, the Alliance army is there to welcome him. The kings devise a new strategy: instead of bringing together the cavalry, the diemana cavalry will crash into the pikes that protect the wizard of the Bow - a bloody ploy to get a group of knights led by the baron through aimed at the direct assault of the magician. King Norvien, on the other hand, will keep the bulk of the enemies engaged in the center of the army. The strategy is effective, but in the direct confrontation between Norvien and the Arch, the king of Aerenwe was about to have the worst, if Baron Diem had not arrived, after killing the magician, to give thanks to the pirate knight.

[top]Winter 554 - The last pirate king

The year begins with the best prospects: Daeric Diem is born, son of the Baron and Baroness Lasica Diem. However, an event occurs at the celebrations: a black knight appears in the middle of the room, and casts a curse: at the age of 16, Daeric will join the dead. This omen throws a black cloud into the otherwise happy holiday.

The kings convene an assembly of the Southern Alliance in Aerenwe, which tells what was found in the city of Suderham, in Caelcorwynn, and of the alliance between the pirates. There are clashes for those who have the right to dominate Caelcorwynn: Roesone and Aerenwe will resolve the issue with a duel between champions, won by Aerenwe. During the assembly, an attempt will also be made on the life of the witch Turiye min saida, a prisoner of the king of Aerenwe.

The alliance's decision is unanimous: the last pirate king, Rjuvik's jarl Hulak Ivarsson, must be defeated before he can put the alliance back together.

The ships set out in pursuit of the pirate king, winning some important victories against the strait. Roesone's fleet was almost completely wiped out off the island of Albiele. When the kings appear to be winning, enemy troops land in the Erebannien forest. This divides the fleet, forced to turn back, only to be crushed in the sea between Caelcorwynn and the forest.

The story would have taken a different course if Vaesil Radim had not returned from his journey to the Khinasi lands at that time, joining two armed galleons to the fleet, which routed the enemy ships. Aerenwe's skillful strategies allowed the pirate fleet to be separated in two, one group north towards Coeranys was buried in the sea by the Diemana fleet and the guild, while the second group, in the waters east of Caelcorwynn, was faced by the fleet of Aerenwe. In an epic battle between kings and pirates, the King of Aerenwe cut off the head of Jarl Ivarsson, burning his ship. The last pirate king dies with him, and the peoples of the south look to spring with the hope of more peaceful times.

Governor Arron Vaumel, however, does not sit idle. He unleashes his spies across the southernlands, discovering that the kings have a letter proving him guilty and Turiye Min Saida's possible testimony against him, and decides to start hatching a plot to eliminate these problems.

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