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Dear Rudolph,

Again I write to you from the road, although at this time we are setting out to travel once again. It feels sometimes as if I do not get time to stand still, but this is the life that Eloéle has given me so I accept my fate. We are getting ready to leave Hill's Foot, and the past few days have been quite eventful. As I mentioned in my last correspondence, we had decided to travel here to seek aid for an assault on Castle Ansien but as usual we had found much more.

After the attack by the assassins at the camp, we rested another night to regain our strength and attempt to learn more about the wolves hidden in our own home. All the people we talked to had known the killers all their lives, and would never suspect them to be working for Jaison or his allies. That made it harder for us because we realized that we could not trust anyone in the camp. William decided that we should hold fast to our original plan and travel to Hill's Foot, but we left under cover of darkness to prevent anyone from knowing about our departure.

Before we went to the town, we wanted to see the process at the castle to see what we were up against. Our hearts sank when we saw the structure was nearly complete, and what was left was only finishing touches. The builder's camp was also tearing down, so soon Jaison would have his stronghold completed. Building our pool of allies was more important, so we immediately set out for Hill's Foot to see if we could find stout and loyal folk there.

Upon arriving we knew something was wrong when we saw the plume of smoke in the distance. We rushed in and saw that the town was being attacking by a large force of undead. Scores of skeletons shambled towards the peasant force that attempted to hold them back. But they were not alone. Someone flung deadly magics at the rotten hoard, while a tall figure crushed them with mighty strikes from powerful weapons. As we rode down to lend aid, we saw that the defenders were two striking women. One was a raven haired sorceress, while the other was a statuesque blond wearing heavy armor. They fought like furies, but even as skilled as they seemed we knew it was only a matter of time before they were overwhelmed so we joined the melee.

Varg and I launched ourselves at the skeletons while Rena and William stood back and sent powerful enchantments at our foes. The warrior women seemed grateful of our assistance, and our timing was good when we discovered several wraiths were headed to our position.

It seemed as if Varg and the blond sword maiden were cut from the same cloth, although Varg's fierce fury gave him the edge. The same seemed true of William and the sorceress, for their spells naturally complimented each other. The undead fell all around us, and I barely dodged out of the way as Rena unleashed lightning from the heavens that decimated their ranks. I saw Varg whirl around in a torrent of death and crush all around him, but he barely reined in his rage before his sword blade stopped inches from the head of the warrior woman. He appeared just as startled as she did, and I've never seen him lose control like that.

As the last of the abominations fell, we took a breather and introduced ourselves to our new allies. The warrior called herself Ilska, and the sorceress said her name was Lady Adrianna DeRose, a noble from a distant land. They told us how they had been in the town for a few days, and that the undead had been attacking almost every night. The waves of monsters were getting stronger each night, so it was only a matter of time before Hill's Foot fell to them.

We had retired to the local inn to talk about strategy, and it was there that something drew my concern to our new friends. In battle it was clear that Ilska was very protective of Lady DeRose, risking her own safety to rush to the sorceress's side. As I sat close to the Lady, I found myself drawn to her. She is a beautiful woman, but I have found my attentions to the fairer sex muted since a recent loss. But I found myself entranced, fixated on her as we talked. And it was then that I realized that there was something unnatural at play. She had an aura about her that seemed to draw everyone's attention, and I saw my companions were rapt with her as well. It managed to snap me out of the delirium, and make me look at her with different eyes. At first I thought Ilska was a relative, longtime ally, or even lover to the Lady, but perhaps she was simply enchanted. To be fair Cerin has a similar aura about him, but I always attributed it to his elven blood.

I whispered a brief warning to William, but his trust in me is not strong these days. Despite that I will watch his back against the Lady and her companion, and now we travel to the Barrows that lie nearby to seek out the source of the undead. With luck we will find the enemy there, and not within our own ranks again. I will send further word when I can, and may Eloéle protect your secrets with her shadow until we speak again.

Harker Graywind

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