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Dear Rudolph,

We have arrived back at the Aerenwode after a long journey, made longer by our need to circumvent Moriel and Jaison's seat of power. On our way through Ghalliere, there was discussion about the need to do something more lasting about Castle Ansien than the small raid Cerin and I had conducted a few months ago. It became a topic of much conversation over the next week as we rested back at our base, along with a discussion about the growing amount of refugees from the rest of Osoerde. Word of the sanctuary in Moergan had brought out all those who Jaison had terrorized, and it was starting to get quite crowded in our hidden grotto. It also caused concerns about spies and assassins slipping in with the poor souls who were looking for safety. There was something oddly prophetic in this last concern, but that will come later in my report.

We talked strategy about the castle, including asking for aid from Elinie and taking some of the Frog Patrol with us to attack the site directly. But in the end we decided that the best course was the marshal aid from the village of Hill's Foot, the largest settlement in Ghalliere. We had allies in that town already, loyalists to William who passed on information about troop movements to the castle and Jaison's activity in the province. But we never had explored the idea that there may be strong arms willing to take up sword and spear against the tyrant who ruled these lands. Rumors had reached us that something sinister lurked within the barrows near Hill's Foot, so we decided to venture there to rid the cursed place of whatever evil laired there in the hopes it would inspire our allies to do more than pass on information.

We also had time to talk with Duriene Peracain, also known as the "Swamp Mage," about the current situation with the priests of Stormfront Abbey. We have heard much about their change in personality since the rise of Belinik's church, and unfortunately he did not have much else to offer us. There could be many causes, but I am making a formal request to you as my lorekeeper for some of the secrets that Eloéle tasks us in guarding. Since you are stationed there, I was wondering if there was anything you could pass on to me about the cause of the change in the priesthood in Cuiraécen. It is something we know we will need to deal with in time, so anything you can tell me may help us in our task. There may also be some matters about Lisette that we may need to discuss in time as well, but I would prefer to discuss that in person.

I joined Varg, Torin, and Cerin in the task, and as we set off to Hill's Foot, and we were surprised at the fanfare from the villagers as we left on our journey. They came out en mass to wish us well, cheering as we passed. I must say that I was very uncomfortable with the attention, and thankfully it put me on guard enough to be ready for the assassins who were in our midst. A man burst forth from the crowd with deadly intent for Cerin, but he was cut down before he could reach the elf. More killers emerged and attacked us, and they seemed to have some training in the deadly arts. But as skilled as they were, they were no match for the four of us and they fell quickly. But even in death they were a threat as foul things emerged from their very corpses! The only way I can describe the creatures that burst forth was twisted animal shapes constructed from the very organs of the assassins, rendered deadly by some foul dark magic.
If this strange threat wasn't bad enough, the fangs of these things dripped with deadly poison. I know Varg and Torin took on strong doses of the venom, but their battle fury caused them to ignore it. The crowd fled in terror as we battled, and in time we managed to destroy most of these abominations. A few still remained and were closing in on Cerin, but much to our surprise a blast of purplish fire came from out of no where and incinerated the beasts. We were more startled by its source: the young orphan girl that Cerin had taken under his protection.

She was proud that she helped her "father," but we could not fathom how a child so young could produce magic of that power. When questioned, she told us that Cerin himself had given her a special book and taught her those spells. The book she showed us was brimming with shadow magics, and the Swamp Mage had told us that it was a dangerous artifact. I must ask if you had something to do with this, because I know you had tried to give us aid in the past. Until we speak again, may Eloéle protect your secrets with her shadow.

Harker Graywind

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