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Dear Rudolph,

First off I want to apologize for my impertinence in my last correspondence. As you stated in your response, it is not my place as a Listener to request information from a Lorekeeper that does not pertain to my current assignment. And my business with Lady D'Armonde is concluded now that I am here in Osoerde, so I will not inquire about her to you or anyone else within the Velvet Night again. Once again I am sorry for my moment of folly, and I will take your advice and focus on the task at hand.

In regards to my mission with William and his band, it has been another eventful few days. After claiming the paywagon for the mercenary forces of the Hound, William began to plan ways to use the captured wagon and uniforms to get close enough to the Hound to take the man out. After discussing our options, it was decided that we would use a ruse where the paywagon was damaged to draw out more of the Hound's men from Killien, further weakening his forces. Then we would ride into town with some of William's men hidden inside the wagon and spring an attack on the Hound. My role in this was to disguise myself as a rider bringing word to Killien to start the lure.

Cerin and I stayed with the wagon while William and the others headed back to Aerenwode to gather some of his soldiers. The night was quiet, and the next morning we rode off to pass through Namir's Fall. But we were accosted by riders sent out from the guard post there to learn why the paywagon was delayed. William convinced the men that the shipment was delayed by poor roads, and we were able to pass through the town without incident. The riders went with us though to ensure safe passage, and once we were past Namir's Folly we stopped for a rest and sent the men to their gods.

I rode ahead to Killien, and my demeanor was convincing enough to draw out the Hound himself. I explained that the wagon was waylaid by William's forces and damaged in the attack. The sheriff showed his notorious rage, and sent another cart and soldiers along with me back. When we arrived back at the wagon, we sprung our trap and attacked the men. It was a viscous battle, and many of William's men were felled alongside those of the Hound. But we proved victorious in the end, and Ardeena's magics were able to revive many, but not all, of his men. Poor Manny...

It was at this time that something happened that surprised me. Loyal Varg, fierce and seemingly unstoppable in battle, advised William that any further attack on Killien at this time was folly. We learned from a mercenary prisoner about the scope of the Hound's forces, including four priests who aided him. With most of our force still recovering, Varg said it was not good timing to strike. William and Cerin still wanted to proceed though, because any further delay might result in the Hound getting reinforcements from Raenech. But they also talked about covert attacks, sneaking into the town under cover of night to remove the Hound's forces systematically. Ardeena did not seem comfortable with this method, and wanted the young Duke to commit to attack or retreat and nothing else.

It was determined that I would sneak in to the town as a soldier and assess the situation. When we arrived, the whole town was lit up and we could see patrols on the streets. It was difficult to get inside safely but I managed. The remaining soldiers were walking the perimeter alongside villagers pressed into duty. Originally we had discussed bribing the mercenary troops there to fight against the Hound or simply flee, but now I saw why the man we interrogated earlier was nervous about this prospect. I saw these hired thugs mistreating the villagers for no reason other than cruelty, and I can imagine far worse actions have occurred. I also saw the Hound pacing around anxiously alongside two of his priests, and it was clear he was unnerved by our actions. Before I went back to the others, I set fire to the makeshift stables to add a distraction in case William decided to press the attack.

Once back, William reluctantly decided to delay the assault since the Hound's forces were alerted. We did decide to launch a volley of arrows and magic from the dark before we left, hoping both to whittle his troops down further and to weaken their resolve. All our attacks struck true and we rode off back towards Aerenwode. But the Hound lived up to his name when he sent a pack of trained moor hounds out from the town in pursuit. The beasts were ferocious, and I saw Ardeena fall to their jaws. I had thought her dead, but Varg managed to get her to safety while the hounds were still snapping at him. After we struck down the last of them, Cerin skinned the beasts to serve as trophies and a message to the Hound.

Even with this setback, William seems more determined than ever at this time. You asked me again about his character, and in him I do see potential for leadership. His drive to free his lands seems to grow each day, and witnessing the evil of these men who serve Raenech I can see why. Until we speak again, may Eloéle protect your secrets with her shadow.

Harker Graywind

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