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Dear Rudolph,

The past week has been filled with discussion of the future of our little band, especially pertaining to the re-establishment of William's power base in his province. He has been talking about establishing a formal power base in the ruins of one of the towns destroyed by Raenech's forces. But this will take time, so we talked about the idea of drawing Jaison's attention away from his lands and decided involving his sister Seriena in Brothendar might be the right distraction.

We traveled to Thaenon under the guise of my alternate identity of Elmore Vandross, a minor merchant lord from Rhuelgard seeking to open trade of iron ore in Osoerde. William and the other posed as guards and support staff, and we managed to enter the city without incident. It was obvious that the people there were under some duress, and the presence of Raenech's soldiers on nearly every corner did not help. We took lodging at the nicest inn in Thaenon and threw out as much information as we could to the barkeep to let the right people know our business. We also sent a request for an audience with Seriena.

As we talked to the populous and listened to their conversations, we discovered the source of the tension was from many different sources. The local temple of Cuiraecen seemed different in their message, supporting Raenech's policies more. This was something that Bartholomew had mentioned before, and it seemed to concern the people more and more. Also there were many disappearances of townsfolk, usually near the time of the full moon in the forest to the east. Some thought that it was a beast that laired there, others thought it was the doing of the half-brothers of Jaison in some horrid hunt, or even the action of the secret police of the usurper Duke.

Our request to meet with his sister was granted, and I did my best to conceal William's features to keep her or her twisted half-brothers from recognizing him. Rena posed as my hunting hound and Torin as my bodyguard, and we were made to wait some time before our audience started. The brothers came in first, and from what I had heard that is not surprising because they seem to be her keepers. Seriena seemed pleasant enough, although it all seemed a bit forced and uncomfortable. The brothers attempted to act the part of knowledgeable businessmen, but failed miserably. We ended the meeting with a request for dinner later, and went back to the inn to await a response.

It was then that we noticed Rena had vanished, and we were dismayed because she still had all our weapons hidden in her shifted form. A servant of Seriena arrived a few hours later, bearing a message to William himself. She had seen through his guise, and wanted to meet with him whenever she could ditch her half-brothers. We were unsure if it was a trap, but our immediate concerns were on whatever was occurring in the woods nearby. Rena returned from scouting there, and once darkness fell we set out to see what transpired under the cloak of night.

The woods were a bit menacing, and the fact that something unknown may lurk there only enhanced the tension. We moved cautiously, and Rena used magic to grant William the same dark sight I have been blessed with. It was that enhanced sense that alerted him to an ambush shortly after we ventured inside the trees, and we were all caught by very precise shots from crossbows in the darkness. Then the assassins were upon us, blades flashing in the night as they attempted to kill us. They worked in pairs, and I could see training similar to what we learned from the combat masters in the Velvet Night. Their blows were all meant to kill, and I think they would have succeeded if it were not for the ball of fire that William conjured in their midst. I felt my own confidence shaken, perhaps from my shameful retreat in the mines. Thankfully Torin's sword and Rena's flashing teeth finished them off. We recover now from the ordeal, and we plan to learn more from the one assassin who lived. Until then, may Eloéle protect your secrets with her shadow.

Harker Graywind

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