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Translated from the Shadow Cant of the Velvet Night

Dear Rudolph,

Thank you for getting back to me in regards to William's concerns, and I have informed him of your pledge to limit future actions like those that you felt you needed to enact against the traitor. While it may be blamed on the Hound, William's concerns seem more rooted in the needless loss of his citizens. I did explain to him that he is not our employer, but I do feel their trust of me and my motives here is damaged. I will still do my best to fulfill my role as Listener among his forces, and continue with my reports.

Our battle plans against the Hound are delayed due to concerns about the strength of his position. The Swamp Mage, the ally of William, arrived at camp with a strategy to aid the battle. He could bring about a great fog to cloak our assault, but the ritual required more resources than we had available. He asked if we could seek out an item of magic that may have recently been uncovered in the land of Roesone. He told us of an ancient Elven tower that once housed a powerful wizard, one who waged war on humankind before he and his tower mysteriously vanished. Rumors of the reappearance of this tower sent us there in search of an artifact of the wizard.

We set out for Roesone and spent a long week on the road. We did have a good night at a roadside tavern, and I must say it felt like how things were early in my stay. We were cautious upon arrival in the lands of Marlae Roesone, for while a wizard ally of the Swamp Mage was aiding us, we did not have permission of the baroness to be in her lands. We marched into the swamps to the alleged site of the tower, and before we knew it the place seemed to rise up out of the brackish waters right in front of our eyes! It is like no place I have seen before, appearing like a massive tree of stone and surrounded by a wall of brambles. But there was a dark air about the place, and death seemed to hang on the place.

We found a way through the wall and into a wild garden that surrounded the tower. The dry vines and sparse shrubs gleamed with white bones, and we were startled by the walking skeletons of several horses walking about the place as if grazing the fields. William clapped loudly to get their attention, but instead it alerted other undead that lurked in the undergrowth. Skeletal wardogs and the dried corpses of soldiers rose up around us, lurching to attack. I felt the chill of their claws, but strangely the horrid things became focused on Cerin and Ardeena. Their focus allowed us to bring them down, and I don't think I have seen such fury in Cerin's whirling blades before.

We pushed on into the next section of the garden, and discovered a building hidden well among a copse of evergreens. I volunteered to look inside, something I deeply regret. Upon opening the door, I was struck with a strange vision of a elven maiden of unearthly beauty and a band of warriors striking down a squad of human soldiers. I then saw a human priest call down a pillar of fire that reduced her to ash before the priest's men cut down all but one of the elven soldiers. The survivor next was in the tower as it once was, telling news of the attack to the wizard, whose rage and sorrow filled me. When I recovered from the vision, I awoke to a terrible spirit lunging at me, reaching into my chest and filling it with the chill of the grave! Before I could recover, an undead soldier set upon me and I fell into blackness. I felt the life ebbing from my body, being drawn into the horrors around me to sustain their unearthly existence. But then the soothing cool breeze of Ardeena's magic brought me back to the world of the living. I awoke to find the creatures once again concentrating their assault on my elf-blooded companions and William's magic sending the foul wraith back to the grave. I rose up and aided them in dispatching the unliving soldiers, finding the blessed dagger of Eloéle the only effective means of harming them.

I will write more of this missive when I have time. We are resting now after our ordeal with the creatures, and I worry that the wraith took a piece of my very soul with it to the grave. I still feel a chill in the old scar that I keep hidden on my chest, a bitter reminder of the past...

Harker Graywind

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