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Dear Rudolph,

We remain in Thaenon, and much has transpired since my last report. After our encounter with the assassins in the woods, William and Rena decided to return back to the inn to recover. By this time, Cerin and the elven bard Issacarius had arrived to join us and we were tasked with learning who hired the killers from the one of them who survived. We took the man to an abandoned barn on the outskirts of the city to find what we could from him. While Cerin and I had decidedly more violent methods in mind for getting information from the man, Issacarius asked that we leave him to talk with our captive for a while and he assured us he would learn all he could.

I must say I am impressed, because he did not lie. Somehow he had gained the trust of the man, and listening to how he easily manipulated the man was truly impressive. The killer was simply a hired thug, contacted by khinasi middleman who operated out of a local tea house. He did not know who hired them to attack us, and how much their unknown patron actually knew of our true identities. We decided to leave the man go once our business with his employer was completed, since there was no malice in his actions, and we immediately went to the tea house to speak with the one who took the contract.

The curfew on the streets made a simple trip there nearly impossible, as guards roamed the streets at all times. So we took to the rooftops and easily arrived at the merchant's residence without being seen. Using some sort of magic sight, Issacarius was able to look in on the tea merchant and learn of his positioning. I took the appearance of the killer and knocked on his door, drawing him out. Thankfully he believed my false account of the events of the attack, and when he turned to get the payment I put my crossbow to the back of his neck. Cerin and Issacarius came in through one of the upstairs windows and we interrogated the man.

He served as a broker for mercenaries and killers in Brothendar, and he was fearful of the man who plotted against us. Only by allowing him to leave the area unmolested could we get his employer's identity, and it was no surprise that it was Oerval, Jaison's half brother. He was not sure of the motivation for hiring the killers, and we let him go as promised and planned our next move. He had informed us that one of Oerval's agents was supposed to meet with him that afternoon to get proof the job was complete in the form of our severed right ears. So we planned to meet this agent as the tea merchant, but until then we needed to look into other issues.

One major concern was the disappearing townspeople, usually the poor and easily missed. We decided to see if there was some nefarious plot by the guards or the half brothers and I was nominated to pose as a potential target. Nothing seemed amiss at first, and I decided to gain the attention of a patrol to see what they would try to do with me. Not my best plan. They gave me a sound beating and hauled me off to the local jail for violating curfew. Luckily I had my hidden lockpick to help me escape the cell, but it did me no good with the padlock on the outside of the door into the jail.

Cerin was able to track the guard patrol with his keen skills, and from what they told me Issacarius used his magic and deft hands to lift the keys from the guard captain. Free again, we headed back to the tea shop to get some rest. The next day we kept the business open as I posed as the merchant, and in the afternoon a man who probably was a cousin to the Raenechs came in. We kept the ruse going to get information from the man, and thankfully he was as dull as his cousins. He freely told us that Oerval had no idea who we really were and that he simply did not like the look of us. So he was willing to kill us for that reason. I don't think Oerval will gain our mercy if we find him.

We talked up the fact that the targets of the assassins used magic, and asked if Oerval would like to see the bodies himself to lure him out. It may have worked, for the cousin seemed very interested. So now we await word to see if we can get an audience with the man, and maybe then we can see his true measure. Until that time, may Eloéle protect your secrets with her shadow.

Harker Graywind

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