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Translated from the Shadow Cant of the Velvet Night

Dear Rudolph,

As per my orders, I am sending you this letter to detail my progress on my mission to assist William Moergen. I have taken the few days since my arrival to learn what I can about his operations here, and have gotten to know the companions who are closest to him. I was always told you can tell the measure of a man by those he surrounds himself with, so I deemed this a vital exercise.

Varg is a bear of a man who seems to serve as a bodyguard to the young Duke and he is fiercely loyal. He can be crude and has quite the temper, and I would be wary of entering into battle against him. He focuses his rage into a honed edge, and while his fighting style lacks grace or discipline, his wild swings are devastating. Any who would move against William will need to get through him first.

Cerin is an elf-blooded woodsman who joined up with William's cause once he learned Gerold's son still lived. He is an expert tracker and possesses the keen senses of his kin. He is also quite the archer and swordsman, and he seems intent on aiding his lord in his battle to regain his lands. He has not given me reason to question his motives in this endeavor at this time.

Ardeena is another elf-blooded ally to William, a priestess of Kriesha possessing cold beauty and potent divine power. She remains an enigma to me, because I am not fully aware of her reasons for being with William. She has talked about looking for a place to belong, but I will need to watch closely to see if she truly embodies the tenets of her icy goddess.

William himself is not what I expected. While the information we had obtained previously about him being adept in the magic arts is true, I was expecting someone more intimidating or robust. He strikes me as more bookish, and at times he seems a bit uncomfortable in his role as leader. But he has a noble heart and I believe he only wants what is best for his people. He also has been quick to accept me into his ranks, and I am not sure if he is simply a trusting soul or is desperate for any allies he can muster. While his band has been successful at evading Raenerch's forces, they have yet to achieve a true victory against the current Duke. I was also surprised that wished to hear my thoughts on tactics for his group, since I am a mere observer and not a tactician.

It was while we were discussing strategy that I saw the true measure of his character. A farmer had arrived at our camp in Aerenwode, ragged and requesting the Duke's help to locate several missing villagers. These people had ventured into the ruins of a razed village south of Killien, hoping to find baubles to trade for food and supplies for their small town, and had never returned. After coming up with some simple disguises to hide us from the Hound's patrols, we set off for the ruins in search of these folk.

Cerin and I had gone ahead to scout, and I asked the local serpents about the ravaged village. My serpent brothers told me it was a dark place, filled with unnatural chill. When I met back up with Cerin outside the town, he told me of the tracks he found. The one set was clearly the five missing people, but something else had come in behind them. As darkness fell, the others moved up closer to our vantage point and it was then that something evil arose from the blighted lands. Foul walking dead, William said they were ghouls, rose up and attacked. We managed to fell them quickly, although their foul touch made it seem as if Varg was dropped before he arose in anger and crushed one. We feared the worst for the missing, but entered the cursed place anyway to be sure.

The town inside had little left, but curiously there was one building that seemed as if it was crudely restored. As we got to the town square, a man emerged from the dwelling and confronted us, claiming the ruins were his. When William asked where the missing people were, he claimed they were his too and their shambling forms emerged around us. He is a foul necromancer, and the poor wretches were made into walking corpses to serve him! They set upon us, and wounds that would drop a normal man did not even seem to phase them. As we did our best to fend them off, the necromancer raised up the bones of more dead to add us to their ranks!
It was a tough battle, and at one point it seemed that our contract with William would be short lived as I saw him fall to the claws of the creatures. I managed to break free from the monsters and made my way through the fallen buildings to get to the necromancer, all the while hearing the rage filled bellows of Varg and the battle cries of Cerin as bones crunched underneath their blows. When I reached the dark wizard I sliced into his foul flesh, and learned William still lived as motes of magic emerged from his fingers and slammed into the man. But the necromancer summoned some of his minions to him and I found myself surrounded, and a flash of dark fire from his hands sent me reeling.

A cool breeze washed over me, soothing even though it also chilled me to my bones. Ardeena had worked magic to revive me, and even though I could barely stand Eloéle gave me strength enough to plunge my blades into the necromancer's chest and end his life and send his secrets to our lady. I then collapsed to the ground again, and around us the hideous undead things he gave life to fell back into death again. I am sorry that I can not write more to you at this time, but I am still recovering from the ordeal. I will send more word once I have time to rest, and until that time may Eloéle protect your secrets with her shadow.

Harker Graywind

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