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Dear Rudolph,

It has been an interesting day for certain, and there is much to report. As I mentioned in my last correspondence, our plan to contact Seriena did not go as we hoped and we assumed that her guards were aware of some plot involving her. Although the initial element of surprise was gone, and the guards were now also aware that the brothers were dead, we needed to look at other options to reach her. Still using the tea house as our base of operations, we spent the rest of that day determining our course of action. It was decided that I would pose as a priest of Belinik that was traveling to the chapel on the mansion grounds, and William, Rena, and Varg would slip in under the cover of one of the Duke's spells of invisibility.

I arrived at the gates with my companions right by my side under a cloak of magic. I was a bit taken back when a priest of Cuiraecen who lead the gate guards acted as if I was expected, and he took me into the manor himself to whatever meeting awaited. His body language revealed tension, but I wasn't sure if it was because he saw through my guise or some other stressor that we were unaware of. We went into the main hall, and there was a group awaiting us upon our arrival. Seriena was there, head hung low as she stood next to her handmaiden. Several more priests of Cuiraecen awaited and my guide joined them. On a throne that sat in front of the windows that overlooked the gardens was someone unexpected. He was a bear of a man, although I assumed that he was a man since his heavy plate armor covered every visible part of his body. A huge battleaxe sat casually next to him, and I could not read anything about him thanks to the inscrutable nature of his garb. From descriptions I have heard, I suspected that this was the mysterious head of the one true church of Vosgaard. And if that was the case, we were in serious trouble.

He spoke without moving, calling me by name and asking William and the others to reveal themselves. William dropped his spell as we heard guards rush in from behind us. It was a trap, but one that was not a surprise to us. The armored man offered the young duke one chance to give up his fight against his protege Jaison and leave Osoerde. William responded by attempting to cast a spell quietly on Varg, but he was caught and our foes took up arms against us.

The guards charged our position and swung wildly, but what they had in enthusiasm they lacked in skill. Seriena vanished from our sight, and at the time I was unsure if she was magically transported or of was a glamour of some kind. William used his spell to infuse Varg with unnatural speed, and he charged the high priest with a furious howl. If it was not for the man's armor, I am certain he would have dropped from Varg's rage. I joined him in attacking the priest, whose armor blazed red hot thanks to some enchantment worked by Rena. Behind me I felt a flash of intense heat that marked one of William's balls of fire, and the screams of the guards indicated it was effective.

The other priests worked magics to heal their master, and Seriena's handmaiden showed her true colors when she drew two slim blades and lunged at my burly companion. The high priest used some foul invocation to open wounds on Varg with a touch, but that only spurred on the barbarian. Varg's blade cut through his thigh, plunged into his chest, and with a mighty swing he cleaved the head from the priest's neck. But there was no blood, and the man's body dissolved into an inky black mist that pooled on the floor. It the formed into the shape of a skull and exploded in a blast of necromantic energy! Varg and I dove for cover, leaving the other priests to take the brunt of the blast. Their bodies froze into black ice and shattered, and the handmaiden leapt through the window and escaped.

We knew our presence was known, so I assumed the form of one of the dead priests and the others did their best to hide. We wanted to seek out Seriena, and started searching the manor as quickly as we could. We had to deal with several patrols of guards before we located her in the cellars and managed to free her. She aided us in our escape from both the manor and the city, and when we felt the time was right she wrote several letters to sympathetic parties back in the city. I slipped in to deliver them before we got back on the road to the Aerenwode. Hopefully today we gained an important ally in our fight against Jaison. I just didn't expect it to be his own blood. I will send more word once we have time to rest, and until that time may Eloéle protect your secrets with her shadow.

Harker Graywind

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