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Dear Rudolph,

I don't know how good my report shall be, and for that I apologize. The news you brought me about Lady D'Armonde was very surprising, and I fear it has shaken me a bit. I will do my best to pass along the information I have learned so you may pass it along to the Whisperers.

First we have gained a new ally to the Duke's cause, a priest by the name of Issacarius who hails from the west. His arrival was fortunate because I am not sure of the fate of Ardeena. He also arrived just in time to help us plan for the taking of Killian and the Hound. William and the Swamp Mage were trying to find a way to utilize the magic bowl we had recovered from the cursed elven stronghold, leaving the rest of us to plan the tactical side of our assault.

We made the decision to utilize the magic fog to unnerve the soldiers garrisoned there, enhancing it with magic to let them hear the voices of the innocents they had slaughtered. Then our men would launch an attack on two fronts to draw the Hound's men away while we attempted to reach the villain himself and put an end to him. I must say that my taste for blood was high this day, so I was ready for a fight.

Our preparations proved to be effective, because when we reached the edge of the village closest to his command at the inn we could already hear the din of battle. We managed to convince the guards posted there that we were wounded from the battlefield attempting to reach safety. We made short work of the hapless guards and marched forward with purpose.

But again we heard the baying of his namesake as more of his trained dogs emerged from the mists. I admit my tactics were not sound as I rushed to meet the beasts, and while I slew one of them I quickly found myself surrounded with their teeth nipping at my flesh. The red haze of my vision barely noticed my allies rushing in to put the beasts out of their misery. They were well trained and clearly vicious from undernourishment and whatever abuses he inflicted during their training, and their teeth found our blood before we managed to put them down.

And then he emerged. I always thought the man was a coward, but he boasted that he was simply not allowed to kill us before by his master. The huge war axe he wielded burst into flame, and we knew this man was not to be underestimated. He lunged at us in fury, and I feared Cerin would be dropped by his first wild swing. He fought with the same ferocity I have seen in Varg, and was supported by the same priests we had seen in Raenech's service before. I think we all were worried by this man, and that we would not be able to end his menace.

But above us held aloft by his magic, Issacarius uttered some words to his god and the Hound was bound by holy magic and fell to the ground helpless. We took advantage of it and laid into him. I managed to plunge Eloéle's Kiss into his eye, and was surprised to discover he was blooded. I felt his power flow into me and saw my companions, and his rank and file guards seemed frightened by his death. The priests fought on and still used their foul magics against us, but we were emboldened by the death of the Hound and they did not last long.

Cerin took the head of the Hound and made sure his men knew their master was gone. Their morale was broken, and Killian was ours. From there I am not sure what William will decide, so that is all I have for now. I will contact you again soon. May Eloéle protect your secrets with her shadow.

Harker Graywind

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