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Translated from the Shadow Cant of the Velvet Night

Dear Rudolph,

I hope my first missive has reached you, and perhaps you are already on the road to Aerenwode, but I wanted to send you this report to keep with my duties. When I see you next, I think there is much we must discuss, old friend. You had told me about your actions to resolve the issues with the traitor in the small farming village, but the report we had just received about the wholesale slaughter of that place... I hope it was not you who would commit such unnecessary butchery, even in the name of the Hound. This heinous deed has also made my position with William very perilous, because they associate me with the act. William wishes to hear your side of the matter, as do I.

As for my report, there is not much to pass on this time. We had met up with William, Varg, and Ardeena after our time in Gulfport, heading back to the lair of the hydra to see if there were any treasures to be found. We discovered a barrow in the cave the creature called home, and after getting past an ancient but complex lock, we found the tomb of an ancient warrior. There was much debate about what to do with the coin found there, and if we should open up the tomb to see what was inside. In the end it was decided we should, and we found several items inside that may aid our efforts.

From there we returned back to Aerenwode, and it was then the survivor of the farming village had arrived and told us of the man who killed his people. He described a man who was strangely merciful in his slaughter, but who was a killer none the less. His description did not match you, but the farmer said he had talked of the traitor and his service to the Hound. After what you had said to me, and the fact that the traitor was also killed by this man, they questioned me and I could see the looks in their eyes. Even Cerin, who I felt had become a friend after our ordeal with the hydra, looked upon me as if I had done the deed myself.

The discussion was interrupted by a raven from Stonybrook, Williams's ally there sending him a strange item. Since I was viewed with suspicion now, I was not privy to whatever the item was or meant. It was some hours later that William emerged and told us that reinforcements were being sent to Killien, and we talked about what the best course of action was. I was surprised I was included in this, but it was decided that we would attack these reinforcements even though we suspected it was a trap.

We rode to a point on the road before Killien, setting up the men in the trees while the rest of us got to positions near the road itself. I will say the trip there had a different air for me, and few words were spoken to me directly on the trip. The wagons with the troops arrived on time, and we launched our attack with great ferocity. The soldiers fell quickly, a little too quickly for trained soldiers. It was also odd that Raenech would send so few to bolster the hounds ranks. We learned the true plan of the enemy though when the remaining soldiers pushed off massive crates from the wagons. These boxes burst open revealing masses of green, slimy flesh. These masses resolved into horrid beasts, foul trolls that had been crammed into the crates by Jaison's men. The creatures set upon with great savagery, and I saw one rip into Varg before he could even ready himself. Luckily William had a magic sphere of fire that he could direct with his will, and Ardeena's icy winds helped knit Varg's wounds. Just as we resolved to deal with the trolls, the remaining crates broke open and a swarm of bat-like creatures emerged to attack everything around them. "Stirge" was the name Cerin gave for them.

The flying vermin were tenacious, latching on the drain the very blood from their prey. They even attacked the trolls, but that only seemed to enrage the creatures further. Eventually the trolls fell to our attacks and William's fire, and the remainder of the stirges were frozen to death by a blast of winter chill from Ardeena. We had lost a few men to the vermin, another cost of Jaison's rule. As we head back to Aerenwode, I hope I find you there waiting so you can explain to William the truth behind the recent events. Until then, may Eloéle protect your secrets with her shadow.

Harker Graywind

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