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Dear Rudolph,

When I was assigned this task by the Whisperers, I truly expected nothing more than simple observation and assistance of a young noble against a petty tyrant. I expected human foes and the power games that seem to accompany questions of blood. This mission has proven to be anything but simple though. And the things I have seen are far from human.

The creatures from the deep had stopped their attack and we needed to take time to rest before we went off to seek out their true master. We took residence within the empty house of the viscount, and tried to remain flippant and jovial as we discussed various sausages we had encountered in our travels. But I could see the gnawing fears in each of my companions, something mirrored in my own gut. Venomous aquatic monsters and townspeople possessed by hideous creatures were no light threat. I slept fitfully, and too soon we set out on the flood waters in the simple flat bottomed boats provided to us by Tooms. The rain had lessened, but still made the trip miserable.

We had traveled for hours and planned to make a simple camp on whatever dry land we could find, but just as we looked for a place we noticed something odd in the water. It looks like a mass of rotten vegetation floating on the surface, not an unusual sight, but the fact that it traveled against the current towards us caught our notice. It rose from the murk in a vaguely humanoid form and lunged, slapping at us with limbs made of thick roots and decaying branches. It was immune to pain, and the frost of Ardeena and fire of William seemed to have no effect. Our blades seemed to prune away some of the rot, and Ardeena's bolts of divine power seemed to burn it. I was surprised when it lurched at Varg and vines burst from its chest to pull him struggling into its mass. We doubled out efforts and the keen aim of Cerin managed to find whatever passed for its heart. The rotting pile collapsed and Varg gasped for breath, and I don't think my heart calmed for an hour after. We made camp and again slept fitfully.

The next day we reached the Blue Hole, a lake so large we could not see the other side. A curious fog clung to the waters and it grew dense towards the middle of the expanse. William whispered that it was unnatural, and he seemed unnerved by something about the place. We paddled towards what showed to be a ring of fog, and went through the thick mist to find it formed a ring around an island. Varg's keen eyes spotted movement on the shores and what he thought were boats. Perhaps the missing villagers? We debated the best course of action, and were spurred into action by screams that echoed over the unnaturally still waters. Ardeena worked magic on us that allowed us to tread on the water as if it was solid ground, and we pulled the boats behind us as we made to a point away from the makeshift docks.

The island was more a plateau, rising up from the waters in a curious fashion. Marine life and barnacles clung to the cliff sides, all things that did not look native the this region. We climbed up and noticed light from the center of the island, and carefully made our way there. We saw figures ahead of us and discovered more of the creatures and several people, possibly more of the possessed. They saw us as well, so we tried to make quick work of them. Unfortunately we were practiced in killing the things, and knew to anticipate the black masses of tentacles that burst from the people. They were vicious and I saw Cerin get bit by one of the deep creatures, but we survived and are now making our way deeper in after a short respite. I write this now to let you know our progress, and I hope I will be alive to write more once we learn what evil lurks there. Until then may Eloéle protect your secrets with her shadow.

Harker Graywind

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