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I can't believe that I am alive to finish this missive, and that this ordeal is finally over. What we thought would be a simple mission to acquire an object to help us against the Hound has revealed a side of the world I have never experienced. It has shown me how one man's obsession can turn into something tragic, swallowing the lives of many into an unimaginable hell.

As we made our way up the tower of Gwyngalyth, we found the remains of the lives that once were lived here. Dusty remnants of more peaceful times. It made the visions of the tragedy and bloodshed much more profound, and we redoubled our efforts to end the curse once and for all. We found stairs that lead to the top of the structure, and found ourselves at the top where a once mighty tree erupted from the center. We also found what was left of the wizard, now corrupted and deathless. But the rage that drove him was alive as ever. He talked of his curse and how this war with the humans would never end. I could see William's frustration building as he demanded that Gwyngalyth let us end his nightmarish unlife. It did not go well.

I remember learning of poisons. It was not my strongest area in my training, but I saw what they could do to a man. With that in mind, I can't even describe the terror of seeing an undead thing wave its hand and thick clouds of venom issuing forth from his fingers. My mouth must have been agape in shock, for I got a lungful of the clinging gas and things went black. When I was awoken by Ardeena's magics again, I found we were in the entryway of the tower again. A creature that could do such magic was beyond us, and we fell back to the treetop lookout to gather ourselves. I coughed up blood the whole way back, and I could see I was not the only one who was affected by the poison cloud. But when we got back we found Cerin and Draken waiting, and they helped us to what we hoped would be safety.

William and Ardeena were in no shape to carry on, their magics spent. We tried to rest, hoping that the wizard would not pursue us. We were wrong, and barely had sat down when we heard the doors of the tower swing wide. Several walking corpses shambled out, although a few walked with more purpose. They went to the base of our aerie and waiting, like a cat awaiting the mouse to emerge from its hole. We launched arrows and javelins at them, dropping two quickly, but the creatures countered by throwing spears of pure ice at us. Varg, Draken and I swiftly descended and engaged the creatures while Cerin continued his deadly barrage from above. Eloéle's Kiss was once again invaluable, but one of the creatures gripped me with a chill touch that seemed to steal away a piece of my very soul and again I fell into blackness. I thought that would be it for me, but Cerin worked some magic to revive me again. Perhaps the curse of this place was affecting me, not allowing me to die like the other poor souls.

We heard another emerge from the tower and turned to face Gwyngalyth. The rotting wizard cackled at the state of us, knowing we were no match for his powerful magic. In desperation Cerin and I tried to appeal to whatever sliver of humanity was left inside his shell, reminding him that the curse was brought about by his hatred and need for revenge. Our words seemed to give him pause, and the wizard sought some assurance from Cerin that we were sincere in our desire to rid this place of the curse. I was surprised that he agreed to allow us to attempt to end his unlife, but we had to enter into a pact with him that if it failed we would join their unliving armies. At that point, we knew we had no choice.

Cerin took Varg's blade and Gwyngalyth placed his neck on the edge of the courtyard's fountain. With a single blow, the wizard's head was severed and fell into the clear waters. I don't know if words can explain what happened next, but instead of a foul ichor it seemed as if the stolen life of the place flowed out from the wizard's body. The bodies of the undead broke down into dust and from the ashes grass and plants sprung forth. Before our very eyes the place was restored to its former glory, and we emerged from the gray haze into the sunlight again. The curse was ended, and somehow we managed to survive. We spent several days in the tower, trying to recover our strength and process what we had been through. I write this from a tavern on our way back to the Aerenwode. We all came away with something from our trip to Roesone, seeing what horror can come from the will of one man. I can say that it has given me different perspective on things, and on our battle against Raenech. I have seen what evil one man can accomplish, and how that evil must be stopped before it destroys the lives of many. Until we speak again, may Eloéle protect your secrets with her shadow.

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