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[top]The price of passion

Clumine Dhoesone may have thought her secret assignations with Reynald Hazeltyne could be hidden, but Adaere?s informants proved otherwise. The guilder has begun to blackmail the countess with revelation of the affair in order to win her support in influencing the baroness.

[top]The elixir of madness

Adaere's passion for collecting fine wines is well known and those wishing his favor often bring some rare vintage to him. A rare elven draught given to him by one of his contacts in Tuarhievel has extraordinary potency, for hours after drinking even the meanest portion the imbiber feels revitalized. To drink too deeply brings hours of near madness in which strange visions are seen and the drinker acts as though guided by fey spirits. Adaere respects the vintage and drinks it only sparingly, but an entire bottle was stolen recently and he fears if trouble ensues he will be too blame.

[top]A mint of a mine

Operating the iron mines of Dharilein led to building smelters, and then to forming guilds of smiths to work the iron and steel produced and so on. Adaere's guild now has a significant amount of skill in metal working and he has decided to capitalize upon this skill.

Adaere knows that much of the realms coinage is debased, clipped, or overworn. Further the Northlands Exchange in particular is prone to using coin of Cariele which is slightly smaller than the coins traditionally used in Dhoesone.

By building a mint, and producing coin for the realm, and any other realms which desire stable currency along the Taelshore, Adaere hopes to significantly spread his guilds influence and boost trade in the bargain. Unsurprisingly the other guilds loathe the idea of Adaere literally having a license to make money and similarly the baroness may need some significant encouragement to welcome the idea.

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