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The Plains States is a region of Khinasi along the western coast of the Ba´r el-Mehare known itself as the Ba´r el-Tahera.
Stretching from the fetid waters of the Harrowmarsh in the west to the mouth of the mighty Zha´nge River, the plains contain the most arid part of Cerilia, a long stretch of steppe grasslands visited only infrequently by rainclouds from the southern seas.





[top]The Land

Much of the Plains States retain the character of the frontier, the great western steppes form the youngest region of Khinasi. Even so, the great port cities of the region are ancient havens of the Masetians, who occupied the southern coasts, but took no interest in the interior. Rolling grass covered hills, stretching as far as the eye can see, just as they did in the early days of Cerilia. Several centuries after Deismaar, the Basarji states here began to grow and settled the Ba´r el-Tahera. The ancient cities are centers of trade, the grasslands are home to semi-nomadic pastoralists.

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