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"Spring comes again, and with the new year's tide, I bring news from far and wide! But first let me entrust you with a find, that will interest you both heart and mind: Old dwarven markings on Ruornil's pendant say, that gods of old had such each made one day; Tharmekhul the dwarven forge made one for each, and so another may be in reach; one's been revealed to be quite near, that had been called Nesirie's tear; From a vision of the same goddess was to me revealed an old Anuirean poem no less; Hear the song that I'll entreat; for you to guess where we shall meet;
Nesirie's Tear -- The Siren's Song :
How odd that they sing for one That sings no more

But In who's song is a'tear, sorrow and salvation

For the Pitied realm she must o'ersee was quite sore

And the duskman Once a'killed, she forged a nation.
But we of Nesirie know a'divine cry Found her out:

Our lady Prayed for her from e'deep seas Of sorrow

That is why Gigha's KEY holed Rock e'sings about

That rock IS one we called The Siren, before a Siren we know
BELOW the Hollow rock, in depth of seas verdant

In a sunken palace East of TIDE and wrecked ships

Nesirie's tear does Lie: a diamond Ear pendant

Who's power heals with No more then touch of lips.
A evil called "dark sorrows" is said to have stolen

The priceless rock for which many have fallen

Men will cry, some will die, but one day we'll see

Nesiries' tear come back out of the sea.

And now for some news of what winter brought to the highlands;
  • Rjuvik was eager to rise against the Orog invader: troops though outnumbered tried to challenge in Hjarrsmar but failled, and King Fulgar might have actually gotten seriously wounded in the skirmish. Little news of his health has come out of Rjuvik since.
  • The Siren's realm was calm; Lady Jerusha was seen in Stjordvik and made quite an impression with many. She has promised an inquiry into the dealings of Guilder Cannock. The merchant, in league with the Gorgon was not seen or heard from this season.
  • Halskapa was in shock of Laefr Stjolvar's death in the quest to find his father and retrieve the "Blood of Stjolvar" Tighmaevril. Storm Holston was invited to take over the guilder's trade and guilds at the request of King Dherg. Elsewhere in the Downs, Halskapa's armies moved on to Bjorlangen and forced the Gorgon's Legion to retreat.
  • Jankaping is said to have run out of money. King Alnor's troops in the downs were embarrassingly held down for lack of funds, and rumors say that the crown would like to hire a merchant to take over the King's guilds, in return for much needed gold!
  • The White Witch is said to have done so as well and her troops in the Downs are happy to report that they are once again in Bjorlangen, with Halskapa's General Kjessen spearheading the attack...
  • Ghuralli was quiet, and the Elves have destroyed much of what he once had north of the Downs
  • As for the Dwarves of Khurin-Azur it seems they have concluded a Brecht-like mercantile agreement called the "Northeast Alliance", with Kvigmar and Hjolvar
  • Urga-zai has not yet heard of that "Northeast Alliance" but is thrilled that the legion of undead that he's been dealing with in Zarul have moved into Danigau
  • As for the Gorgon we've no news save for the defeats he's suffered both in Hjorval (Stjordvik- Group Adventure), Silverheart and Bjorlangen... praise Erik, and let us pray that Spring bring us similar success."

-- Sigrun Kjornaal, Skald of the Highlands

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