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"A long spring this has been, and much fire and flames have burned through this season. Rovan was one such place, as were Taelrhud, Innsmark, Selkhauske and Haldallen. The battles of Spring sprouted through the highlands and many warriors are now dead and will be mourned. But now summer is upon us, and I've reason to believe that the worst is behind us; As a matter of fact, I believe King Hruthvar of Svinik is planning a summer contest; one not of spilt blood and horror, but a test of strength, might, agility, cunning, and rjuven spirit - These games shall be held, in mid Haelynir, the week of the Summer Solstice. Send your champion, that he may be crowned the Champion of the Highlands!
.... Finally here are more news from the highlands;
  • The Siren's realm was quiet, no word from the mute siren.
  • Halskapa is saw three large battles, and Svinik and it's allies are starting to impose their control, while king Dherg flew to Jankaping to take refuge
  • Rjuvik was rummored to have returned to piracy, which did cost Svinik quite a copper in Sarimiere, but rejected the accusations;
  • Stjordvik sent troop to the Downs to meet the Gorgon,their General took Midjarna
  • The Orogs struck at Hoguns after learning of their White offensive: they backed off in Gundviir, but toolk valkheim.
  • Jankaping stepped in and covered Gundviir to assist the Hoguns in their defense. They play a dangerous part having many warring allies.
  • Hogunmark's Queen caught in Rovan, as was the Spiral's archdruiddess Greta Selligsdotter. The later killed herself and her temple is now in shambles. Many question what will happen to the Spiral, and what will happen to Hogunmark!
  • The Witch showed all her power this season; she called on legions of undead to trap the Hogun queen in rovan and destroy the Hogun Olst. She's since worked hard with spells and spies to hide the location of captive regents; rumors are that she craves a high ransom!
  • Llulabraight backed out of Urga-Zai, and once more enshrouded itself in a blanket of wards.;
  • Urga-Zai's King took a long path under the elves to assist in Haldallen, where the Gorgon was halted by a confetti alliance of various realms.
  • Kvigmar and Hjolvar were united by the weding of King Audric to Princess Reyna. But the Princess' involvement with the Spiral in actions contrarty to her father's decree created anger that turned the celebration sour.
  • Hjolvar's old king seemed to have lost all senses and occupied his own provinces to rid them of the Spiral's temples.

-- Sigrun Kjornaal, Skald of the Highlands

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