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"Regents of the highland. Winter's strife has struck our land harshly this season. Not only is the Gorgon once more a force to be feared, but it is said that he himself leads the army of Kal Saitharak. But that is near not the only problem that befell us all; War in Halskapa has spilled druid blood on the white pure snow. Erik's Emerald was stolen, and regained, but the Orogs were quite tactical in obtaining the ring in the first place. Other humanoids were equally grandiose: Dargal led a parade of humanoids to attack Kvigmar, but the Rjuven response was quick and Hjolvar attacked in Nulthan. Finally Lluabraight moved similarly on Urga-Zai, to reclaim kingdoms of old... I hear the White Witch is bracing for an elven attack -- why not after all: they seem bent on regaining old lands! But before I give you my full report let me first invite you to join me on a little expedition - for treasure this time; for I hear treasuries are low, and I myself have a couple debts to pay.

This is the tale of a survivor of Haldallen's deep.

He tells of riches beyond measure

of Ghuralli and his jealously guarded treasure

He talks of an Orog land deep below

In ancient dwarven maze that was his woe

This is the song of the survivor of Haldallen's deep.

Who sang this song both awake and asleep

To walk through the maze mountain

To flee an orog sentence of life-slavery certain:

"Mee dee Roe; Mind the spider, mind the foe

Mee dee Loe; Find the trap below

Moe dee Rey; Key is in the hay

Moe dee Ley; Climb the well of the fey

Mee dee Ling; Mind the rock falling

Mee dee Lee; You arrive when sunlight you see!"

Now let's meet in Haldallen on the 15th day of Spring and see if we can get to that treasure.
.... Finally here are more news from the highlands;
  • The Siren's realm is abuzz with rumors that, Dhaelrik and the High Priest Ahrek have returned from the Shadows to bring back the Siren. I'm on my way to Newtonor to see for myself.

  • Rjuvik was said to have benefited from a gold rush;

  • Stjordvik sent troop to the Downs to meet the Gorgon, so did Svinik.

  • The Orogs were quiet after stealing Erik's ring and losing it soon after to unknown spies.

  • Jankaping recovered the Witch's holdings no one's sure if she was happy with it though.

  • Hogunmark's Queen was in Jokkajoen and then busy tracking down the Emerald Ring with the help of the Three Trees who are now their official guild.

  • The Witch as busy medling in the downs; and she better get ready now that the Gorgon is after her.
  • Lluabraight invaded Urga-Zai,I wonder if the dwarves had something to do with the Lluabraight action: Their elven lieutenant was seen leading the elven invasion; the goblin king is probably worried;

  • But right now he's partying after a raid in Kvigmar.

-- Sigrun Kjornaal, Skald of the Highlands

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