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"O hear, o hear, Regents, Kings and Queens, Priests and Guilders, I come with news of fall. And though no armies have fallen at all; still this season has had it's share of blood and gall. But before I bore you with details let me have you recall that this winter we go to Jokkajoen; to see if we can find a ring of power called rightly "Erik's Emerald Ring". I've sung of it and its tale is none that you'd forget at all! Be sure to send me your champion if you can't afford to come.
... and now for some more interesting news from around the highlands;
  • Halskapa has been the site of much trouble; with commotion in Skapa's Harbor and causing Storm to take up arms as "Liberator" against King Dherg Wir.

  • Leivika was quiet and dealt more with trade, though Storm's troops are said to come from Svinik.

  • Stjordvik had its levies return home as the Barony fell quiet this fall: the curtain of wards eerily hid Orog activity. The Wards though have fallen though now; Ohlaak's magic has lasted it's course...

  • Queen Freyla must have seen that coming, for she has summoned an enormous army; and called on tribesmen from her northern reaches to poise for an attack on the orogs...

  • The Sidhe were quiet, but it seems that their wards too have fallen; could this be a coincidence, or is their chance now for a rapprochement with Khurin-Azur's dwarves that may have sparked the change?

  • As for the dwarves they seemed to be their usual busy selves; troops were moved or thought to have moved...

  • Urga-Zai was quiet; though rumors of raids were many -- as were tales of wizardess sightings in the eastern mountains.

  • Hjolvar got a new temple of Karesha in Kopingdal as reward for the aid provided by the White Witch during the realm's recent troubles; the King's daughter is said to be furious.

  • Kvigmar ordered a new road to Djolvar; this isolated province has much potential and King Audric knows it!"

-- Sigrun Kjornaal, Skald of the Highlands

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