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"Mighty regents, Kings and Queens, Priests and Guilders, I come with news of summer. I have traveled the length of the highlands; to witness the scents of the tundra in bloom with a thousand flowers, as well as the deep woods of sleepy Lluabraight, the warm sun-bathed peaks of the Silverhead and Spearmarch mountain ranges; Erik's blessing and high summer graced the highlands for three glorious months!

But the world of man and beast had less to celebrate; though the elves and Gorgon were quiet the Taelshore was awash with scandal; And though we recovered Avani's Firestone that news was quickly over-shadowed by news of Orog victories in Hrukk and against Stjordvik... but before I bore you with details let me invite you to a quest that many will see as sacred; For of Erik's Emerald Ring do I sing today and wish to pursue with a small and dedicated group...Hear then the tune, that you may come and join us to find this powerful relic...This is then the song;"

Faith Join our father, fall Of the sorcerer,

White Kin of snow, loss will you Know

Erik's emerald ring, A Joy you did bring

That his sources be dry, Of magic may try

Erik's Emerald ring, a joy you did bring

That No sorcerer may leave, forever this eve.

... and now for some more interesting news from around the highlands;
  • Leivika has a new cathedral and the Grove's spell of Excommunication is said to be sure to work; how could Erik not hear the loud pleas of the grove's druids now!

  • Rjuvik saw one jarl murder the other; the killer was executed after insulting Fulgar and calling him awful names.

  • The Spiral cast a Bless land over six provinces: one in each of the main countries they have temples with.

  • The Elves were quiet, as was the wizard of the downs, but Ghuralli is said to have fled below ground; a survivor reported that he retreated to an underground orog city (see Giantdowns map) where his Orogs hold out.

  • Khurin Azur was in full marriage ceremonies.. Though I'm still unsure which daughter ended up being the King's wife...

  • Urga-Zai was quiet; though rumours of raids were many -- as were tales of wizardess sightings in the eastern mountains.

  • Hjolvar repaired the damage done to Svinoy last spring. The Witch was said to have helped.. as did the Spiral with the Bless Land.

  • Kvigmar ordered a fleet of new ships; King Audric definitely has the Brecht touch; everything he turns to becomes Gold, or so they say!"

-- Sigrun Kjornaal, Skald of the Highlands

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