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"Hear hear, regents of the highlands! We've had a warm spring already and all indications point to a fiery summer still!
Fire, blood and magic have swept from Rjuvik, the Barony, the downs and as far as the borders of
the Gorgon's Crown!
Battles in Hjaarsmark, Hrukk and Vrallik pushed Rjuvens deep into the Orog's lair, and their winning in Midjarna and the Barrow Woods confirmed their dominance in the Giantdowns. They lay siege as we speak to Ghuralli in Haldallen. Now the Gorgon's only answer has been to fall back and cast spells; His sources have grown through the highlands, and already a plague has befallen on Lemnjohen. Ohlaak the Dragon has too cast wards to trap Rjuven forces and halt their advance... And while we are on the subject of Ohlaak, here is my song for this time; For I have had the pleasure of talking with the man and of extracting from him a most remarkable secret. Here then is his story;
Song of Avani's Firestone;

This fearsome Khinasi of lineage old

Seems strong today, and Proud, and bold

But In decades back this foreign mage

Was Tired, poor and young of age

"Here Earn this ring and give me food"

For Anger and despair were in his mood

"Take Avani's Fire stone a blessed ring

That you may bread to my lips bring"

He traded the intricate jewel

And for life since felt a fool

Though he has tried to get it back

It's now beholden to a something black

Come then this summer help us find

This relict of fire of wondrous kind

... and now for some more interesting news from around the highlands;

  • The Siren's Realm was much shaken by the death of Captain Cannock as he battled with us to gain Nesirie's Tear; The Siren is said to have taken over his guilds, and recovered his troops deep in the Barony

  • Halskapa is amidst religious strife; High Priest Gunther paid a visit, but saw is temple lost in Dvasviik; He is said to have excommunicated the rebellious priest Rjanik since then.

  • Svinik has been busy with war abroad, but also buying ships and severing routes to build new more profitable ones.

  • Rjuvik is recovering from Orog occupation of Hjarrsmark; A priest was seen commenting on King Fulgar's cured malady; many hope he will be back on his feet soon!

  • Stjordvik did a surprise move, and pounced from behind its "Great oak wall" to invade the Barony in Vrallik. The surprised Orogs are said to have retreated underground.

  • The Barony was assailed from all sides; with defeat in Hrukk, Hjarrsmark and Vralik Ohlaak lifted wards on key provinces; many fear that the Queen Freila may be in danger now in Hrukk.

  • The Hoguns attacked the Barony in Hrukk; they managed to kill Gwed the Giant, and five good units of the Baron's.

  • The White witch invaded The Barrow Woods; with much help from Sviniker forces, her rule over Bjorlangen was a topic that made for lots of ink and scrolls between Taelshore realms, temples, and the parties in the Downs.

  • Lluabraight was unusually festive; I've not exactly sure who, but someone is getting married this summer -- I didn't know elves did marry, but I do hope I'm invited!

  • Khurin Azur was in a similar marital mood; King Hrothval is still selecting his bride though. And he's made efforts to support the dwarven colonies in the Downs who wish to establish guilds there.

  • Urga-Zai was quiet; though rumors of raids were many -- as were tales of wizardess sightings in the eastern mountains.

  • Kvigmar saw ups and downs; Sorrow for the Jarl-King's heir upon news of his death, and more sadness on hearing that the Jarl-King refused to have the Witch's bargain for his resurrection! Nay but one more in all the highlands may raise the dead; and so High Priest Ahrek of the Coastal Temple of Nesirie performed raised "Captain" Audric; who has since become "Jarl-King" Audric, following a grandiose Investiture coronation."

-- Sigrun Kjornaal, Skald of the Highlands

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