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"Spring brought strife to Goblins, Orogs, but so too war to the Taelshore: a "Black Witch" has invaded Leivika! I come to you regents of the Highlands with news of fighting everywhere; with Orogs and Gnolls running loose in Rjuvik and Stjordvik while Rjuven lands breakthrough the Orog forests. I come with some recomfort about Narikja's tear, and so too a proposition: Since Late Spring the Baroness has all but disappeared. Many say the female died in childbearing.
But now the Barony is in a dire state, with rjuven invaders occupying many provinces. The situation has made selecting a new Baron more pressing then ever. The humanoids of the Blood Skulls have no order of succession nor any rule or for selecting their next Baron. But if history can serve as a guide it has usually been done by a bloody show of force: The winner either killing any contenders (or the existing Baron), quite often of his own hands. The Land's choice then naturally selects the strongest and fittest. High Priest Tarthok and High Priest Glegg have together suggested that a contest be held to select the next Baron.
Any humanoid may apply; though most likely only one will survive and become Baron. I've heard the contest is to be held in Mid summer (Turn 14, action 2) - and although the location is secret I hear this Orog song tells of the location where contestants shall meet:






And now here is some more detailed news from around the highlands:
  • The Siren was silent no news from Newtonor at all
  • Halskapa sent a large force to the Witch's realm and marched it into the Barony
  • Svinik was invaded by a "Black Witch" who has come in numbers, Leivika was taken, though Bjarnheim too was assaulted. Many wonder who this witch could be that struck with such ferocity while the realms armies are away in the Giantdowns and Barony both - never before had the realm so weakened itself and some fear treachery.
  • Rjuvik was too invaded by Blood Skulls who raced through and tried to take Yvarre: they were pushed back into Stjordvik, but a second wave seems to have already taken Northern Rjuvik in Sjarkoelle.
  • Hogunmark increased it's control over law by some degree.
  • The Shield of Mandal built a new stone bridge across the Bjark.. One which must have cost dearly.
  • The White witch invaded the north of the Barony, and her troops assisted in Nulthan and the downs.
  • The Khurin Azur dwarves have sent a large contingent to help Kvigmar in a serious crusade against the goblin king; even their king is said to be among the heroes that fought at Nulthan.
  • Hjolvar took aggressive steps to move it's troops against the goblins; but in late spring no news came of the new "ghost army's" involvement against Urga-Zai.

-- Sigrun Kjornaal, Skald of the Highlands

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