PBEM:Rjurik Winds/Turn 12

Winter is finally over and a new year welcomes the highlands to a new beginning... Though many things will be more of the same. I come to you regents of the Highlands with not a warning, but rather a plea: We've all heard the Gorgon claim evil things to be because of the four jewels; seems we have a clue as to the first of these sacrifices which I believe may happen in mere weeks: I appeal to you to send champions, and help solve a bit of the mystery laid out in this scroll:
Stand ready no more than four provinces from narikja's tear
Draw a barr0w Wheel stop, and place n0rth four candles quite near
Chain the, sacrifice A child 0f 0ld massela pure
Cover f0rt Lobes and fountain, eyes and to, darkness ensure
As you enter, the wheel the tear will Kindle and glow
Wait and in, the fifth day splash four Laddles of snow
Ley then down the, Enchanted victim in outstretched pose
Then Feed pig's blood to the sacrifice, in mouth and nose
The will the chamber, reveal The victim to be narikja mortal
Strike the goddess with a staff and scream as she falls
All of her temples will be lost every single priest
Will feel her power gone for a year at least
.... Finally here are more news from the highlands;
  • The Siren's troops trekked back to the Downs; The Siren also seems to have SOLD Dantier Island to Rjuvik for an undisclosed amount. She also asked of a special "War Tax" of her Sherrifs; should their coffers run dry they might choose to flee!
  • Svinik's King did similarly asked of his jarls: but they were to muster. There too, pray Erik that they not run out of gold! For he too mustered a large host and gold might become...precious.
  • In Halskapa King Storm Holston launched an investigation into pirating activities whyle the sea-raidders seemed to be entirely quiet this winter.
  • Rjuvik had to pull back from the Blood Skull Barony: Konesh the Gnoll outnumbered him and the Orogs took the opportunity to launch a quick attack in Sjarkoelle; but Jankaping quickly chased them back to their woods!
  • Stjordvik somewhat quiet focusing on trade and increasing revenue
  • The temples of Erik were busy blessing provinces and sending gold to their followers;
  • The new King of Hogunmark, Tjorkil, took steps to affirm his authority and gained the jarls' and chieftain's support.
  • Orogs fought on several fronts: they pushed back Rjuvik, and tried to take the Barrow Woods in the Downs; They then had their wizard cast wards in the east: no doubt that they would find a war on two fronts quite complicated.
  • The White witch was reported to have some visitors for a war council; but the meeting had to be postponned and may or may have not met trouble...
  • The Elves of Lluabraight were quiet as the mists that enshroud their land... Though it is rumoured that they no longer have the hammer of Tharmekhul.
  • Urga Zai still has an unwanted guest: The Gorgon's army camped in Nulthan this winter. And Dargal's goblins are themselves still camped in Kvigmar.
  • That led King Audric to muster to protect his "little" Kingdom of Kvigmar. He is reputedly quite rich.
  • In Hjolvar, King Ruvin mustered as much as his little Kingdom could! Jarl Erjviik is said to head a "Ghost Army" though his men are rjuvens of flesh and bone; The East then seems to be mobilized to meet the Gorgon this Spring!

-- Sigrun Kjornaal, Skald of the Highlands

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