PBEM:Rjurik Winds/Turn 11

"Fall comes fast, and winter's steps seems nearer still. I come with news from across the highlands: from Nulthan where we yet saw the Gorgon deprived, to Hogunmark where the pillaging Orogs were trounced by the White Lady's expert stratagem! So too was the surprise of Rjuvik's attack on the Blood Skulls! And finally to Kvigmar where Dargal pulled back after seing the Kvigmariens take refuge in the woods. Accross the highlands more armies now march to fend good from evil...
.... Finally here are more news from the highlands;
  • The Siren's troops trekked back to Newtonor; they didn't like the weather in the downs.
  • In Halskapa the new King Storm Holston got some serious heat frompirates which have been targeting his sea routes
  • Svinik's new King increased his authority; he made sure that Svinik's two new province recognized the King's law.
  • Rjuvik was bold enough to march into the Blood Skull: taking advantage of the Orog's defeat in Hogunmark. Innfact the Orogs' didn't even react to boot the Rjuven back and the thief-king had time to pillage the province and almost grow roots!
  • Stjordvik somewhat quiet; focussing on promoting internal lieutenants
  • A new Hogunmark was forged from bits of the old one. The new King is Tjorkil ofHjolvar: the White witch granted himthe land upon his father's death on condition of vassalage to the White lady.
  • Orogs in the bit of Hogunmark that stayed withthe witch pillaged some provinces before being cornered and butchered by the witch's able armies
  • The rest of the Blood Skull's horde were busy moving into Silverheart: that land is now firmly in the Baroness's power
  • The Elves of Lluabraight seemed to have gotten rid of their unwelcome neighbords; details are sketchy, but it seems the Grand Mistress transported the enemy troops into Fjolda Fjord itself to teach the White witch a lesson! The Witch found herself outnumbered but trounced the unsuspecting troops casting a blizzard and maneuvering a smallresistance dilligently.
  • Urga Zai still has an unwanted guest, The Gorgon's army is in Nulthan eyeing Kopingdal and Tharmekhul's anvil which is suspected to be there. Meanwhile Dargal's goblins have taken advantage of the confusion and invaded Kvigmar.
  • In Hjolvar Ruvin is the new King since his father's death and rumors arethatthe druids are back in his grace!

-- Sigrun Kjornaal, Skald of the Highlands

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