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"Summer's glory only now fades, but many will remember this season for many different reasons; For the Sidhe it will stay immortal as the Summer that the Gorgon passed through Lluabraight; For the Rjuvens the year that Hogunmark fell to the might of Gandvick, and that Svinik hosted a great festival as victors in Skapa Hjaring that the people might chose new jarls and a king to rule over them.
For all I believe it will be for all of us the season we learn of the Gorgon's latest plan to recover Tharmekhul's Forge... I'm not sure what it consists of, but I hear from a reliable source that the Gorgon believes an ancient poem leads him to his goal. As has become habit, I would like to propose launching an expedition to beat the Gorgon to the Forge, and hope you can send someone to Nulthan; Be sure to prepare for a fight; and to flee double quick; even if we get the Forge the province is occupied by the Gorgon's forces and we may need subtle ideas to get ourselves, and the forge out... Here then is Tharmekhul's song;
Years before men, Nulthan's were homes

For proud'e and ancient dwarven gnomes

Their dark'c kings were feared in, war

Their mountains rich'o gold from afar

Gobli'n slaves for them Turn, toiled & moiled

Until the prou'd themselves became spoiled

Soon their evil Left ways los't Moradins fervor

And to regain his'u Trust and favor

They asked their so'n Tharmekhul to labor

To'n enchant The arboreal gems four

gifted on human allies with'e marvelled power

To field at'l Deismaar and victory to help for

Tharmekhuls work was often lauded

But a secret is most overlooked

For counter effects in his anvil and hammer

Equal the gems in battle and power

So deep in his forge he hid them cursed

That to use he would be the last Pig as the first

(please see formatted version for clues on website)

.... Finally here are more news from the highlands;
  • The Siren's realm is said to brew an alliance with Three Trees; the poor guild lost it's shirt in Hogunmark and seeks another patron.

  • In Halskapa King Dherg was divested of all the provinces; Svinik is said to be choosing a new King the last days of the festival in Skapa Hjaring.

  • Svinik used the festival to cement its victory and used the opportunity to pass the kingdom from old King Hruthvar to his heir Sven Vigharlsson; The young general who proved himself in Leivika against the Crisp, and again recently against the Gorgon in Haldallen is now Svinik's High King.

  • Rjuvik was quiet as was Jankaping once rumors of marriage with Kelda Yngvidottir were dispelled.

  • Stjordvik was all but quiet; Queen Arnora announced with great fanfare that the new Verdant Path was to be new state church. The Grove was not happy and although the Queen wished to be conciliatory they refused to back from their claim as state faith of Stjordvik.

  • Hogunmark was invaded by the Witch, Hjolvar and the Blood Skull Barony; Kelda Yngvi barely had time to get crowned queen; in a month the whole country was over-run and divested from her. The White Witch claims she will be selecting a new regent to head the nation.

  • The Elves of Lluabraight woke up to Gorgon's armies crossing their nation; The Grand mistress raised a ward to entrap them; but the Gorgon still managed to get several units past and they raced through Urga Zai to reach Nulthan.

  • Urga Zai had an unwanted guest, and the goblins did try to put up a fight before scurrying off.

-- Sigrun Kjornaal, Skald of the Highlands

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