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Storm Holtson of the Stjordvik Traders: Rjurik winds PBeM

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[top]The early years

Storm Holtson is traditionally known as a trader - aaolfer to the Rjurik - who has embraced the role of modern trader. During the first months of RjurikWinds his presence was hardly felt along the Taelshore, until an adventure in the eastern land of Stjordvik led to a battle between Ulfgrim of Svinik, Lady Jerusha Fjoldan (The Siren), Laefr of Stjolvar (who had since become the Man-Boar of Hjorvaal due to his tainted blood) and Storm Holtson on one side against the Crisp, a hulking, pallid warrior serving as the Gorgon's general in the Giantdowns. After the battle, the wounded Laefr died in his recovery tent, apparently slain by the Crisp who had fled using some arcane device. It has been heard that Storm Holtson and the Siren "talked" for a long while after these events transpired, though what of, few if any knew then.

[top]Halskapa at War

Storm Holtson proceeded to claim, with King Dherg Wir's consent, Laefr of Stjolvar's guild holdings in Halskapa - guild holdings grown numerous due to Laefr being appointed "Minister of Intelligence" of Halskapa, second only to "Minister of Finance" Kahlor's guilds. As the seasons went on, things in Halskapa seemed to be running smoothly until strange happenings plagued the crown - Sketa of Aandvjor was accused of being a witch, apparently by Dherg Wir, who then proceeded to claim it was not his doing; the royal treasury was broken into also. King Wir's investigations pointed at Storm Holtson for all this, who freely admitted it, claiming having been under the influence of the Siren (who had been murdered mere days beforehand.)
Though he claimed to have been manipulated, Storm also declared that he would have willingly gone along with the Siren's plans due to Dherg Wir's iron-handed control over his kingdom and his xenophobic outlook. Wir's scorn for Hruthvar's sage advice and the growing unease in neighboring lands due to the appearance of a new druidic circle, the "Iron Cape of Erik", fueled apparently by the Gorgon's gold, also lent their weight to Storm's words and ensuing rebellion.
When Kjessen, now general of Halskapa's armies, returned hastily from the Giantdowns (some say to quell the rebellious provinces goaded into action by the Oaken Grove, angry at Wir for supporting the Iron Cape despite Rjanik's excommunication), he became embroiled in a common brawl on the docks, slaying a captain of the Stjordvik Traders' ships and a score of dockhands, calling them "filthy rebels". Storm, spurred into action and widely misinterpreting Hruthvar's permission to raise troops to defend the Taelshore, led a battle force of sixteen hundred men into Halskapan territory, screaming defiance; Sviniker forces grudgingly followed to defend these men due to the friendship between Sviniker jarls and the guildmaster.
After a small skirmish in Aandvjor during which a large portion of both armies found they could not participate due to appalling weather and terrain conditions, barely one unit of housecarls and one cavalry division stood fast at King Dherg Wir's side; Sven Viigharlsson, Svinik's foremost tactician and rising leader, led seven cavalry units and his own loyal housecarls through the marshlands in which less hardy footsoldiers could not even move. The ensuing slaughter of Wir's cavalry and wounding of Sketa of Aandvjor drove the king back; at eight units to one he had little choice but to retreat to Taelhrud with the rest of his bedraggled army. The allied forces of Svinik and the Stjordvik Traders moved west into Dvasviik, the home province of the Iron Cape of Erik church, as King Wir pondered his next move in the northern reaches of the realm.

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