Ambjeort the Golden of the Oaken Grove of Erik

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Ambjeort the Golden of the Oaken Grove of Erik: Rjurik Winds PBeM

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[top]The early years

Ambjeort Olafsson was raised in Namverg in Stjordvik, the son of a free farmer. His insight was noticed by the local druid who encouraged his father to allow the local circle to train the boy in the ways of Erik. His father hoped he might undertake a career as a ranger, but Ambjeort's understanding of the will of the Father of the Forests allowed him to cast spells in Erik's name. Even so, Ambjeort was a combative druid, taking an active role in the protection of his people. His last mentor was Hurik of the Black Staff, who waged a relentless battle against the abominations which plagued the Rjurik people by the curse of Azrai. This purpose proved formative for Ambjeort, for he too took up a career in battle against the abominations.

[top]The Golden

When Ambjeort was released from his mentor and given a circle of his own, he was called, "the Golden" because of his blond hair and beard. As a circle druid, Ambjeort was always running off on adventures to combat Awnsheghlien. In congregations of the circles, Ambjoert became well known for advocating defense of the people as the first duty of the druids. After the victory over the Black Elk of Halskapa, Ambjeort was assigned to permanent duty combating Awnsheghlien. For ten years this was his never-ending duty.


As he entered middle age, he retired from the constant adventuring and battles with the abominations, and turned to training and guiding the next generation of druidic defenders of the people of Erik. More and more often his voice was heard in the convocations and congregations advocating a vigorous policy of action against the enemies of the people. The Scarlet Baron, Schuvekko, even sent several skilled goblin assassins out to track him down and kill him. None succeeded.
When Günther Brandt was a candidate for Archdruid, Ambjeort opposed him. Günther argued that the guilds were corrupting the way of life of the Rjurik and Sera was waging a campaign of temptation among all of the peoples of Cerilia. Ambjeort was more concerned with the White Witch and the Siren, and wanted a leader who would act forcefully against these threats. Ambjeort forged a coalition between the faction of the twin spheres, which argued that the encroachment of the Shadow World was a dire threat, and his own faction which concentrated on the Awnsheghlien. However, the large number of druids who saw protection of the forests to be their first duty were strong supporters of Günther, and when he also won over the support of those who sought evangelism and teaching as their first duties, Günther was elected Archdruid.
Ambjeort supported the new Archdruid, but continued to lobby for action against the White Witch, always a subtle and active force in Rjurik lands. Little action was taken, but Ambjeort was able to continue training and grooming druids capable of combating the abominations.

[top]Recent Events

Pursuing ancient artifacts, the Gorgon invaded the Giantdowns and has yet to depart, though the artifact was recovered by one of Erik's anointed kings. Meanwhile Rjanik rejected the authority of the Archdruid Günther and claimed to be an independent regent of a new temple of Erik. Whether goaded on by the king of Halskapa, Dherg Wir, or just ambitious, Rjanik took on the mantle of an usurper. Günther placed the Ban on Rjanik and interdict upon his holdings. There was evidence that a minion of the Gorgon was involved in promoting this usurpation, perhaps even now advising Rjanik. With the Gorgon in the Downs and perhaps even working in Halskapa, with the White Witch cooperating as just another Rjurik realm in the Downs, and the Siren also acting as a friend of the Rjurik, Günther believed that the time was at hand to change direction and leave the conflict with Sera's temples aside and confront the abominations. Since this was not Günther's calling, he stepped aside and the Oaken Grove elected Ambjeort the Golden to be Archdruid of the Oaken Grove.

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