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Land's Apart: The Imperial Senate


The Imperial Senate is the heart of Anuirean politics and a place steeped in tradition and history.

[top]Physical Layout

The Senate Chamber is a two-tiered rectangular hall.
In a ?U?-shape at the center of the ground floor sit the thrones of the twelve Anuirean Duchies. At the open end of the ?U? rests two thrones, one set behind and higher than the other. The lower throne is reserved for the Imperial Chamberlain, while the Emperor (when there was one) sits in the upper throne. The entrance doors to the hall are set in the far wall, furthest from the Emperor?s throne (thereby not allowing anyone to enter from behind the Emperor).
The seating arrangement for the twelve Duchies and Archduchies is as follows: Five thrones stretching away from the Emperor?s throne down one side, five thrones down the other side, with two thrones directly opposite the Emperor?s throne and closing off the ring of sitting Dukes.
  • Stretching away (in order) from the Emperor?s left hand are Boeruine, Alamie, Diemed, Gheist, and Osoerde.
  • Stretching away (in order) from the Emperor?s right hand are Avanil, Brosengae, Mhoried, Aerenwe (rescinded after their renouncement of imperial ties and generally occupied by Tuornen), and Elinie.
  • The two thrones at the far end are Cariele (closest to the left side and Osoerde) and the sole empty throne (closest to the right side and Elinie).

Lining the walls of the ground floor are chairs for the lesser landed nobility and guilds of Anuire. The landed regents sit along one wall while the guilds sit along the other wall. Other figures of note have chairs behind the Guild Regents. The far end of the Chamber, between the landed nobility and the guilders, sit the Ambassadors from other realms (e.g. Ariya and Muden).
The upper tier runs around the walls of the ground floor, allowing those seated there to observe proceedings below and to participate in them. Along one wall sit the representatives of the various factions of the Imperial Temple of Anuire and along the other sit Realm Wizards, Court Magicians, and other non-regent figures who are not associated with the landed nobility or guilds below, such as the Imperial Astrologer.

[top]Rules of Behavior

Weapons of any sort are prohibited in the Senate Chamber with the following exceptions:
  • The Emperor may wear a sword.

  • The Imperial Chamberlain bears a rod of office (counts as a club).

  • Representatives of the 12 Duchies and Archduchies are entitled to wear swords.

  • Representatives of Anuire's ruling nobility are entitled to bear ceremonial swords.

  • Representatives of Anuire's temples are permitted to bear ceremonial weapons favored by their deity. For example, clergy of Cuiraecen may bear ceremonial swords.

  • Representatives of merchant guilds are permitted to bear ceremonial daggers.

  • Representatives of realm wizards are permitted to bear simple staves of wood.

  • Imperial Legionaries who act as guards bear halberds and swords.

(Note that weapons are supposed to be ceremonial and of little use in actual combat, in practice this traditional has...varying... degrees of interpretation).
Spellcasting is NOT permitted in the Senate Chambers without the express permission of the Emperor. In the Emperor's absence such permission must be granted by the Imperial Chamberlain.
Lesser speakers should not interrupt the Imperial Chamberlain or the representatives of the twelve Duchies and Archduchies while they are speaking. Such worthies can demand the expulsion of the interrupter for any length of time (generally the expelled person must petition the expelling authority for permission to return, or be sponsored by two others of equal rank). It is doubtful your regent will appreciate this.
Uploaded from Robin's Wiki http://www.kallisti.net.nz/LandsApart and wiki'd by Andy Tall with modifications to make it more generic.

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