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Land's Apart: Knightly Orders in Anuire

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The High Offices were honorific titles held by certain noble families in the days of the Roele Emperors. These titles reflected positions within the Imperial Household and were hereditary within the family. Unlike a noble title, the High Offices are tied to the specific family, not to the realm, and so no other family could claim them. Their duties were in a large part honorary, though they could also be called upon to attend the Emperor in their capacity
The Mhoried line held no High Office - their continual presence in their own realm was considered of more importance, as they were Anuire?s shield against the Gorgon, and were honored for that role.

Office / TitleHolding FamilyNotes
Imperial ChamberlainDosiereThe head of Imperial Household. The Chamberlains control access to the Emperor?s person as well as manage the Emperor?s personal holdings and estates. The Chamberlain holds the rank of Count Palatine of the City of Anuire, placing them on a slightly higher grade of nobility than a normal Count.
High Chancellor of AnuireDiemChancellors served as the Emperor?s officials responsible for the affairs in their assigned region. They are responsible for ensuring that law and order is maintained and that Imperial edicts are properly issued and applied. The Diems have held the Chancery of Anuire until the present day.
High Chancellor of BrechturNone (formerly Alam)The Alams held this office in the time of Roele.
High Chancellor of RjurikBoeruine (formerly Cariele).This office was previously held by the Cariele line. Following the loss of their family lands in 1438, the office was given to Boeruine by Garlan Roele II. Though largely ceremonial now, Dhoesone is considered to fall within the Chancery of Rjurik and the Emperor typically defers to the knowledge and expertise of the Boeruine line in matters pertaining to Dhoesone and the Rjurik lands.
Lord Chancellor of KhinasiDaouta (formerly Elin).The Elin held the office of High Chancellor of Saere Siendere in the time of Roele.
Lord High StewardAvanThe Emperor?s seneschal. The Avans hold the title to this day.
Lord Marshall of the Imperial ArmiesNone (formerly Boeruine).During the rebellion of Arwyn Boeruine (958-966), Kier Avan was temporarily given the office of Lord Marshal and retained it until his death at the Battlewaite at the side of Michael Roele. After that, the Boeruine family continued to claim the office. The Avan family contested that claim based on Kier Avan?s appointment.
Lord High ChancellorDosiereHighest officer within the Imperial Senate and College of Dukes. Chairs the Senate and College of Dukes in the emperor?s absence.
Lord High JusticiarAlam.Chief legal and political adviser; one entrusted with supreme control of the jurisdiction of the Imperial Law Courts and chief magistrate in the realm in the absence of the emperor.
Imperial Standard BearerNone (formerly Bhalaene)This office has remained vacant since the demise of the Bhalaene family. Baron Gavin Tael of Ghoere has yet to claim the position.
Master of the HorseMoerganResponsible for the care, breeding and deployment of the royal livery, including: Transport of the emperor and their court on all occasions; Supervision of the royal studs, and the purchase, training and equipping of the horses for all purposes; provision of mounts for household officials and royal messengers; Organizing and planning the royal journeys, annual and otherwise; Providing different sorts of horses for the various household members and uses: war-horses, great horse for the joust, coursers, palfreys, amblers, cobs, rouncies, mules and pack-horses, hacks and hunters. On all royal journeys, the Master of the Horse rode immediately behind the emperor. This office has been unfilled since Jaison Raenech took the throne of Osoerde and William Moergan went into hiding.
Master of the HuntCariele (formerly Aeren).
Master of the HoundsTael (formerly Ghieste)This title was the hereditary office of the Ghieste family. An attempt by Baron Gavin Tael to claim the post ended after a highly mocking play 'Baron Dogg of the west' circulated the Imperial City and the furious Baron found himself mocked at every turn.
Royal Falconer(formerly Aeren)The post has been empty for centuries.
Keeper of the Privy PurseMierelen (formerly Brosien).Carries all the emperor?s money, pays for all expenses and receives monies payable to the emperor.
Imperial Cup BearerDiemResponsible for ensuring the safety of the Emperor?s food and drink. This office includes responsibility for providing a noble-born page to serve as the emperor?s personal page. This page can belong to any noble family and was usually chosen in consultation with the Imperial Chamberlain, who bears responsibility for the Emperor?s household.
Surveyor of the Imperial WorksRiegon NorvielThe person appointed to be responsible for the upkeep and repair of all Imperial Palaces and in charge of planning and building imperial architectural projects throughout the realm. This post carries prestige and a salary, but also requires an enormous degree of day-to-day administration. This is a non-hereditary office.
Surveyor of the Imperial IronworksTael (formerly Bhalaene)Responsible for the upkeep and production of weapons and armor for the imperial legions. This office was granted to the Bhalaene family when the imperial ironworks were moved to Bhalaene in 738 HC.
Master of the Imperial ShipyardsAvanResponsible for the upkeep and repair of the imperial shipyards in the City of Anuire as well as the imperial fleet itself.
Cross Moline Principal King of ArmsAeric BoeruineHighest official of the Imperial College of Heralds, responsible for assigning and studying arms (heraldry). Lifetime, non-hereditary office.
Imperial AstrologerAglondier

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