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Land's Apart: Mercenary Captains of Anuire

Unlike many other Birthright games, mercenary companies in this game are not standing armies within Anuire. Famous (and infamous) mercenary captains base themselves in various places within Anuire. Regents wishing to employ mercenary forces should contact one or more of these captains who will then endeavor to recruit those forces required for the requested task. Due to their extensive contacts, these captains can handle most jobs and raise whatever forces are required ? unless they are already contracted on a number of other jobs. Payment is determined on a case-by-case basis.

[top]Agelmore Kadaere

Home LocationGhieste, Ghoere.
Heraldic DeviceBlue clarion on a red background.
DescriptionA native of Avanil, Agelmore left military service in that land following a serious falling out with his commanding officer. He subsequently served under Braedonnal Tuares in Tuornen and with the Guardians of Mhoried. A determined, stubborn man, Agelmore occasionally lets his temper get the better of him but his troops have built a distinguished record of reliable service. Agelmore can muster more mounted troops than any other mercenary captain in Anuire, with the possible exception of Ansen Garrilein. His central location in Ghiere allows him to deploy troops to wherever the money is in Anuire.

[top]Ansen Garrilein

Home LocationImperial City of Anuire.
Heraldic DeviceOrange axe on a sable background.
DescriptionA former captain of Ghoere?s army, Ansen left service for unknown reasons following a raid by the Spider into Rhumannen. Since then he has maintained close connections with many mercenaries who have at some time served the Grand Duke of Ghoere and, in most circumstances, can muster more soldiers than any other mercenary captain. Ansen Garrilein seems willing to undertake most contracts, given the right price.

[top]Boeric Noelen

Home LocationFree City of Ilien.
Heraldic DeviceRed bull?s head on a vair background (alternating small blue and white bell-shapes)
DescriptionOne of the newer of Anuire?s mercenary leaders, Boeric has yet to build a proven record of military service. A native of Ilien, he chafed under the lack of military opportunities in that realm but his family could not afford to send him to the Imperial War College for training as an officer in the Imperial Legions. Over the last two years he has performed his contracts with some distinction and is beginning to build a reputation as a man of personal integrity and honor. Boeric is a member of the Order of the Knights of the Shield, this award bestowed following the rapid, and unasked for, deployment of his men to counter a large incursion of goblins from the Spiderfell into Medoere.

[top]Carel Maesien

Home LocationSeasedge, Boeruine.
Heraldic DeviceAzure boar on a red and black chequered background.
DescriptionThe pre-eminent mercenary captain of Anuire?s West Coast, the half-Vos Carel can supply a sizable number of troops, though numbers of mounted troops available are a little lower than what might normally be expected. His men are noted for their fierceness in melee combat and unwillingness to give ground. Their eagerness for battle has occasionally seen them break tight formation, though no one doubts their ability. Once he accepts a contract, Carel regards it as a matter of personal honor to complete his given task.

[top]Eric Bj°rnsŰn

Home LocationCaerlinien, Cariele.
Heraldic DeviceSilver swallow on a maroon background.
DescriptionWith contacts in Dhoesone and the Rjurik lands, Eric supplies irregulars skilled in the ways of the forest and scouting. When times are quiet Eric will hire out soldiers as archers. He has a reputation for being highly capable in scouting, abushes and other small scale conflicts his bands of Rjurik are familiar with, but of dubious reliability in large, pitched battles.

[top]Johann Hawkwood

Home LocationFree City of Endier.
Heraldic DeviceRed hawk on a white background.
DescriptionBorn of common birth in Muden, Johann learned the soldier?s craft serving in Muden?s armies and later as a leader of his own mercenary company in that land. When the pickings dried up in Brechtur, he traveled to Anuire with many of his former companions, establishing the White Company, so named for their white cloaks. Hawkwood has a solid reputation as a capable general, though some of his practices, such as night raids on military encampments, have occasionally raised the ire of more chivalric-minded Anuireans.

[top]Onwen Vaerdhin

Home LocationGulfport, Osoerde.
Heraldic DeviceRed harpy on a paen background (black with gold spots).
DescriptionA former captain in the ducal army of Osoerde under William Moergan's father, Onwen left under dubious circumstances following certain overzealous activities by men under his command. He plied his trade as a mercenary throughout much of Anuire over the following years before relocating to Brechtur and Khinasi. Onwen returned to Anuire three years ago and set himself up in Gulfport as a mercenary captain for hire. His men are known to undertake almost any operation. While ferocious in battle, his men have occasionally proved less than disciplined in dealing with the civilian population.

[top]Stiele Hallivier

Home LocationImperial City of Anuire.
Heraldic DeviceSanguine beaver on a bright yellow background.
DescriptionAn experienced soldier, Stiele originally hails from Maesford, Alamie. Not in line to inherit his family?s estate, Stiele sought a career in the military and has proved himself a successful leader over the subsequent years. He is the most reputable source of engineers and siege specialists in Anuire, and can muster a sizable company of foot and mounted troops as well. Solid and dependable are words that have been used to describe him. A minor noble himself, Stiele is a member of the Order of the Knights of the Golden Swan in recognition of a number of excellent treatises he has written on siegecraft and engineering.
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