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Lands Apart: Heraldry in Anuire

[top]Treatise on Heraldry

For this game we have attempted to provide basic heraldic devices appropriate for the person, group, or domain concerned. In an effort to keep things simple and user-friendly, we have not gone into any great detail. To help the uninitiated a brief outline is given below to inform just what various colours and devices mean. (This list is not exhaustive).
If you have a special interest in developing a coat of arms during gameplay, for example, to bestow a coat of arms to a knight in reward for service, contact the game masters.

[top]Basic Colors

Gold (Or)Generosity and elevation of the mind.
Silver or White (Argent)Peace and sincerity.
Red (Gules)Warrior or martyr; Military strength and magnanimity.
Blue (Azure)Truth and loyalty.
Green (Vert)Hope, joy, and loyalty in love.
Black (Sable)Constancy (or occasionally grief).
Purple (Purpure)Royal majesty, sovereignty, and justice.
Orange (Tawny or Tenne)Worthy ambition.
Maroon (Sanguine)Patient in battle, and yet victorious.

[top]Symbolism of Heraldic Devices: Living Creatures

AlerionAn eagle displayed (wings spread) but without beak or claws; denoted one who was injured in a war and thus was prevented from fully asserting his power.
AngelDenotes dignity, glory, virtue and honor; missionary; bearer of joyful intelligence.
AntDenotes great labor, wisdom, and providence in one's affairs; diligence and industriousness.
Arm (bare)Signifies a laborious and industrious person.
Arm (in armor)A person with qualities of leadership.
AssPatience, peace and humility.
BearStrength, cunning, ferocity in the protection of one's kindred.
BeaverIndustry and perseverance.
BeeEfficient industry.
BoarBravery; fights to the death.
BullValor, bravery, generosity.
CatLiberty, vigilance, forecast, and courage.
CentaurEminence in the field of battle.
CockCourage and perseverance; hero; able man in politics.
CockatriceTerror to all beholders.
CrowStrategist in battle; watchful for friends; divine providence.
DogCourage, vigilance, and loyalty.
DolphinSwiftness, diligence, salvation, charity, and love.
DoveLoving constancy and peace; with an olive branch in its bill, it signifies a harbinger of good tidings.
DragonValiant defender of treasure; valor and protection.
DuckPerson of many resources.
EaglePerson of noble nature, strength, bravery, and alertness; or one who is high-spirited, ingenious, quick-witted, and judicious; If wings "displayed," it signifies protection.
Falcon (Hawk)One who does not rest until objective achieved.
FishA true, generous mind; virtuous for himself, not because of his heritage.
FoxOne who will use all that he/she may possess of wisdom and wit in his/her own defense.
GannetOne who has to subsist by virtue and merit.
GoatOne who wins through politics rather than war.
GrasshopperNoble and home-bred.
GriffonValor and death-defying bravery; vigilance.
HareOne who enjoys a peaceable and retired life.
HarpyFerocity under provocation.
HorseReadiness for all employments for king and country.
HydraConquest of a very powerful enemy.
LambGentleness and patience under suffering.
LionBravery, courage, strength, ferocity, and valor.
OtterOne who lives life to the fullest.
OwlOne who is vigilant and of acute wit.
OxValor and generosity.
PantherFierce, but tender and loving to children and will defend her children with her life.
PeacockBeauty, power, and knowledge.
PegasusPoetic genius and inspiration.
PelicanSelf-sacrifice and charitable nature.
RavenDivine providence.
SeaHorse Power of the water.
Seal / Sea LionDauntless courage at sea.
SpiderWisdom, labour, and prudence.
SquirrelLover of the woods.
StagOne who will not fight unless provoked; peace and harmony.
SwallowOne who is prompt and ready in doing business; also bringer of good news.
SwanPoetic harmony and learning, or lover thereof; light, love, grace, sincerity, perfection.
TigerFierceness and valour; resentment; dangerous if aroused.
TortoiseInvulnerability to attack.
UnicornExtreme courage; virtue and strength.
WolfReward from perseverance in long sieges and/or hard industry.
WyvernValour and protection.

[top]Symbolism of Heraldic Devices: Inanimate Objects

AcornAntiquity and strength.
Agricultural ToolsLaboring in the earth and depending upon providence.
AnchorHope; religious steadfastness.
AntlersStrength and fortitude.
ArrowReadiness (for battle); if depicted with a cross, represents an affliction.
AxeExecution of military duty.
BeaconOne who is watchful, who gave the signal in time of danger.
BellsPower to disperse evil spirits; a hawk's bells denotes one who was not afraid of signaling his approach in peace or war.
Bones (crossed thighbones)Mortality.
BowReadiness (for battle).
BridgeGovernor or magistrate.
CandleLight, life, and spirituality..
Carpenter's SquareConforming one's actions to the laws of right and equity.
Castle Safety.
ChainsReward for acceptable and weighty service; with crowns and collars, this suggests the
bearer bore the chain of obligation or obliged others because of services done.
ChevronProtection; Builders or others who have accomplished some work of faithful service.
Civic WreathOne who saved a fellow citizen's life or shown patriotism in defense of one's native land.
ClarionReady for war.
ColumnFortitude and constancy; with serpent coiled around it, wisdom with fortitude.
CornucopiaThe bounty of nature's gifts.
CrescentOne who has been honored by the sovereign; hope of greater glory.
Cross Flory(cross flowered at each end) One who has conquered.
Cross FormeeMilitary honor.
Cross MolineThe mutual converse of human society.
CrownRoyal authority.
DaggerJustice and military honor.
DrumReady for war.
Escallop(Scallop shell). Traveler to far places or victorious naval commander.
FetterlockVictory; one who has taken prisoners or rescued prisoners of war.
GauntletArmed for the performance of martial enterprise.
HarpWell-composed person of tempered judgment; contemplation; mystical bridge between heaven and earth.
Hawk's LuresOne who is fond of the highest pursuits, such as hunting and falconry.
HelmetWisdom and security in defense; strength, protection, invulnerability.
HorseshoeGood luck and safeguard against evil spirits.
Hunting HornOne who is fond of the chase, of high pursuits.
Ivy LeavesStrong and lasting friendship.
KeysGuardianship and dominion.
LanceThe perfection of martial affairs; emblem of knightly service; devotion to honour.
Lightning BoltSwiftness and power.
LyreContemplation; tempered judgment.
Palm BranchVictory, justice, and royal honor.
Parchment/ScrollReference to academic or scholarly achievement.
PenArt of writing and educated employment.
PlowLaboring in the earth and depending upon providence.
PortcullisProtection in an emergency.
SaddlePreparedness for active service.
Scales or SceptreJustice.
ShipAncient sea voyages.
SpearHonorable warrior; valiant knight.
SpurPreparedness for active service; pressing onward.
SwordJustice and military honor.
TridentMaritime dominion.
TrumpetReady for war.
WingsSwiftness and protection.

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