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The Zha´nge Valley, unlike more civilized area of Khinasi, boasts few substantial domains.

[top]Temple Domains

The Temple of the Ancients:
A church of Nasri in Mesire
The Fiery Dawn of Avani:
(also found in the Drocandragh), this is a church of Avani based mainly in Kozlovnyy
The Temple of Might:
This temple of Belinik is found solely in Kozlovnyy

[top]Guild domains

The Gradny Coster:
(also found in the Drocandragh)
This brutal guild operates in the Vos realm of Kozlovnyy and even into the lands of the Black Spear Tribes.
The Zha´nge Merchant Guild:
For a long time this guild of Aftane, Mesire, and the Tarvan Waste was as ruthless a band of cut-throats as ever monopolised the trade up and down the great Zha´nge river, under their new leader Aswan bin Serhouf however they have begun to act in a more ethical manner although the more distant one gets from Aswan bin Serhouf, the more corrupt one finds the local guilders.
The Darkblades:
A guild of raiders and slavers operating out of the lands of the Basilisk.
The Northern Traders Guild:
Mixing the cunning of the Khinasi with the ferocious drive of the Vos, this guild from Kozlovnyy is rapidly growing, and if it avoids the in-fighting so common in Vos organizations looks to have a great future.
The Zha´nge Giants:
A tiny guild in the lands of the Basilisk, the guild is entirely non-human in nature - the guild is instead formed of desert giants.

[top]Source domains

The Swan Mage:
The secretive mage of Kozlovnyy controls most of the source holdings in Kozlovnyy and tolerates few visitors.
One of three mages of Innishiere Aileen is not particularly skilled at magic, but is the most active of the three - as the king rarely calls upon her for advice and she has no specific duties she instead spends most of her time expanding the source network she controls, and turning them over to Finn or Niobhe from time to time.
The second of the three mages of Innishiere; Finn is charged with warding the realm from invaders, and spying on nearby lands for potential threats to the elves. From time to time Finn sells the rare produce of the forest and trinkets made by the elves to his agents in lands outside the borders of Innishiere.
The last of the three mages of Innishiere; Niobhe is sister to Rhynnwyd, the Forest Knight of Innishiere. Niobhe acts as advisor to her brother, and is one of the few who can calm his wild rages. Niobhe spends a great deal of time researching magic, learning of the Shadow World, seeking out lost elven magics, news of other elven lands, and watching the doings of Khinasi mages lest they threaten the elves. in times of peril Niobhe replaces Finn as the primary defender of the realm with realm magic.

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