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Most churches that honor of Cuiraécen consider the battle portfolio pre-eminent, and as a result few of them view the Church of Storm's Height (CSH) as a competitor, and vice versa. The priests of the CSH teach that storms and similar hardships are agents of change which make great personal and cooperative accomplishments possible.
They teach that great changes in mental (attitude) and in physical (city) forms are only possible through a great hardship ? betterment does not come easily. But this suffering is for the better in the long term, because the changes it brings will improve the sufferer. Thus the faith is a happy, tough faith on the one hand (change for the better) but a sad one on the other (hardship, loss of what was). The church preaches against those resisting danger or hardship through fear of the consequences of action, its members should always strive to improve themselves regardless of the consequences ? all suffering passes in time but the benefits will remain if maintained.
This attitude also manifests in war - battles can be for the best (albeit not the only) way for a mortal man to bring about change, the short term hardship ? the death of some, wounds suffered by others, loss of earnings, damaged harvests, etc are obviously not welcomed, but the long term peace and prosperity won by defeating an enemy for good will in the long term outweigh the immediate suffering.
This attitude is often unpopular ? most peasants are happy enough so long as the next day will not be worse than the last, the constant striving for betterment wearies those who have reached a degree of comfort, and as a result the uncompromising church has grown only slowly.
The emphasis on Storms as a lesson in morality is another reason for the small domain this Church encompasses. The Bay of Coeranys is a perfect place to view frequent storms, to see what they can do, respect their power, and to see the people endure the passage of the storm and rebuild thereafter - hopefully for the better.
As other parts of Cerilia, especially those further inland rarely suffer the great storms that wrack the coast they can not always ?enjoy the fruit of laboring to strive for a better life? after hardship, instead those inland tend to build things of permanence of fall into despair after the suffering of a calamity for these areas have a weaker tradition of the community pulling together to rebuild the homes of those unlucky to suffer the full force of the storm. Inland, where Cuiraécen faith holds sway, the mind on the battle has won the favor over storm in the hearts of the believers and priests of Cuiraécen. So the Church primarily looks towards the countries around the Gulf for expansion, if need be.

[top]Enemies and Allies

As of yet there are the CSH has no true enemies, the Church maintains contact with various people and organizations without moving towards a great conflict. This may change, though, for the call to fend off unholy ideas is heard more often in the halls of the temples these days. Many a priest looks bitter on the growing number of people converted by other beliefs, not native to Anuire. Change is good only when it is for the better in their view and these priests see the growth of new faiths as distinctly malign.
As for allies, the Church can count on the support of many an influential man. The rightful ruler of Osoerde, Duke William Moergen, has not forgotten the support the Church gave him in the civil war that ravaged the country some 20 years ago, and they are on good terms. The priests to Haelyn of Impregnable Heart of Haelyn are friends of those who serve Haelyn?s Son. Especially the two high priests, Wincae Raehech and Hubaere Armiendin seem to get along quite well. Other important parties in Osoerde can be considered friends and allies too, including the new leader of the Royal Guild of Baruk-Azhik, Caen (for short).


In the CSH there are two distinct branches, each with its own systems of titles, the clerical and the military. It is common, indeed to norm, that a priest has two titles one from each branch of the faith. The difference in the two branches comes from the twofold approach of this Church, the main clerical side is concerned mostly with the storm portfolio of Cuiraécen, encouraging people to better themselves, communities to work together, and the like. The military side teaches people to learn to defend themselves, encourages swift military resolutions to conflict over drawn out diplomacy (that merely makes both sides suffer until a final solution is reached) and generally considers the physical side of life more important than the spiritual - a dead peasant never found faith is a common saying from the military branch.
Thus priests with a keen understanding of the spiritual "Path of the Storm" rise in the ranks of the clerical system, while others who adhere more to physical matters can gain high positions in the military ranks. While there are priests who like to stay with one field of interest and thus have only one title, most priests study both. The Church does not encourage either approach and it is therefore the choice of each individual priest.
The titles on the same line, military or clerical both normally garner the same kind of respect at each grade, although soldiers and scholars tend to favor priests from 'their side' of the faith.
The titles below are bestowed on priests and paladins of the faith alone, soldiers will follow the regular army cadre. Promotion through the ranks is not related to the level of a priest, but rather to the accomplishments, the will to achieve and the vacancy/need for a particular duty at the moment. All others who are close to the priests, but perform no priestly duties are called ?Advisor to ..? with the appropriate title of him or her being advised to. So a lieutenant to Anduiras, Magister of Rohrmarch would be called: Advisor to the Magister Anduiras, Master of Rohrmarch.
Clerical titles
High Imperator (Spiritual leader and Chief Commander), Princeps (Adviser and Master of a Region), Magister (Province Master), Praefectus (City Master), Majordomus (Temple Master), Colonius (Soulseeker, Converter of Infidels), Prior (Deputy Temple Master), Friar (Assistant Priest), Signatius (Novice)
Military titles
Legatus (Commander of all forces, equivalent to a Princeps in rank), Castellanus (Castle Lord), Dux (Commander of the Field), Centurio (Leader of 100 men), Turmus (Leader of score, 20-30 men), Decurio (Leader of 10 men), Lictor (Holy Temple Soldier), Signatius (Bearer of the standard).
As can be seen above the Soulseeker or Coloniusis currently ranked higher in position than the deputy Temple Master. This is because the CSH is currently in a major expansion phase and more attention is given to those who are able to win new people for the Church. In days of old a Colonius was a lower position than the Prior, but times change. Then there is also a special group of people who will not fit in either list: The Praetorians. Praetorians are those most trusted men and women who form the bodyguard of the High Imperator. He picks them every year from the ranks of priests and soldiers to serve as his companions on the road and shield against enemy attack.
Every man or woman of the Church who has noble blood coursing through the veins, will have the additional Lord or Lady preceding the regular title.


The names of the medals and orders of honor are derived mainly from the aspect of Storm which the Church venerates. Battle is not forgotten however and medals are commonly awarded for valiant service.
Medal of Battle Wisdom
(With a specific ribbon, different each time to distinguish the different wars/battles.)

Attainable by: Soldiers, Priests and Paladins in the service of the CSH.

What to do: Fight and live in a war or major battle for Cuiraécen.

Benefits: Respect of others and increased chances for promotion.

Awarded by: A Decurio or higher.

Order of Courage
Attainable by: Any person, though usually soldiers and priests.

What to do: Individual or collective feat of courage, usually beyond the call of duty.

Benefits: Even higher respect, a weapon of choice. In the case of a common soldier, instant promotion.

Awarded by: Decurio or higher.

Order of Lightning
Attainable by: Any man and woman around.

What to do: Being an important force in the advancement of the CSH/the faith of Cuiraécen in general.

Benefits: An exquisite weapon of choice, extra training if needed and life long food and shelter at one of the temples if needed or called upon (usually the food is given away to the poor or collected).

Awarded by: Usually a Colonius, sometimes higher.

Order of Thunder
Attainable by: Any person, usually higher priests or Paladins.

What to do: Being a vital force in the advancement of the CSH/the faith of Cuiraécen in general.

Benefits: A weapon with a lighting engraved which glows in the dark and a title depending on the deed.

Awarded by: Magister/Castellanus or higher.

Order of the High Winds
Attainable by: Priests and Paladins of the CSH, others (priestly) who try to become a clergy-member.

What to do: Fulfilment of a quest or other great duty, laid upon the priest?s or Paladins shoulders.

Benefits: Magnificent weapon: a longsword with a wavy blade (like an oriental kris) with permanent faerie fire cast on it in orange flames, title.

Awarded by: The High Imperator only.

Order of Storms
Attainable by: Priests and Paladins of the CSH, others (priestly) who try to become a clergy-member.

What to do: Unknown, and kept secret by the High Imperator.

Benefits: Full Plate armor with the weapon of the Church on the breast-piece, title, honorary position in certain councils depending on the person.

Awarded by: The High Imperator only.

[top]Current High Imperator

Wincae Raehech, younger to Blaede Raehech, Marquess of Gulfport is a man of noble birth. The hereditary line of the rulers of Osoerde is present in his blood, though it is a weak line, so would be the claim for the throne. As Wincae was brought up on the grand estate of his father, he learned of the difference between the common man and the nobility. Gradually in the years that followed those carefree years, he came to the belief of strict right to rule by the nobles. Nobles were given the right by birth to rule and guide the common man, though it had to be a fair and good ruling.
When he reached the age of 10, his father took him on a trip through the troubled country Osoerde. His father showed him the various provinces, cities, villages and homesteads of farmers. Wincae also learned of the great injustice which was done to the land by his (much older) cousin Jaison Raenech, who had claimed the throne. Jaison proved to be an evil ruler, not intent on guiding and ruling the people, but focused more on coercion, fear and military might.
This proved to be a vital lesson to Wincae which shaped his sense of justness and morality. Nobles did not only have the god-given right to rule, they also have the obligation to do so in favor of the people, not in favor of themselves. At the age of 15, some years after the civil war was decided by the right side of goodness, Wincae joined the Church of Storm?s Height in order to study the arts of war, rulership, writing and spiritual well being.
It was not Wincae?s plan to join the priest ranks, merely to study with them, but Wincae was moved so much by Cuiraécen, that he decided to attain priesthood and become a servant to his Lord. Obedience and servitude were asked for by his Lord. During the years he rose in ranks steadily, both military and priestly, for he had an interest in both.
At the young age of 25, the High Imperator suddenly died and Wincae woke up that day with a new sensation tingling through his body, he knew something was different. Two older priests, a Princeps and a Legatus, came to his room to take him to the High Church in Moriel (he stayed most of his time in Gulfport). They spoke with the tongue of the Stormlord himself when they Invested him with the rule of the Church. The old Imperator had seen the potential and right attitude to rulership in the young Wincae, and had chosen him as his successor.
Now 30 Wincae has secured a secure place for the CSH in Osoerde as well as for himself. He married in the same year as his rise in power, as he could now offer good life for his wife and soon to be children. He had been in love with the noble Seriena Arden for some time, as she had been in love with him. In the course of five years they were gifted by the generous Lord to conceive four children, of which two were twins. Three healthy and able-bodied young boys and a beautiful daughter (the favourite child of Wincae) are part of the Raehech family now.
Raehech is best known for his wisdom and courage, he enjoys rulership and is well trained in the skills necessary to rule well.

[top]Future Plans

Wincae Raehech has many plans with the Church he leads, maybe he is aiming for too many targets at a time, but he is confident that he?ll pull it off. First of all he would like to preach the teachings of renewal to the war torn people in Rohrmarch. As first a period of civil war, which tore the country apart for more than twenty years, and than a period of extreme grief followed. The Gorgon tried to seize the lovely forested lands, but failed, thankfully to a combined stance of free people.
Wincae would like these people to view the Church of Storm?s Height as a bringer of good times, and a church which stands ready to defend them forcefully. The people of the Iron Hills will fall under this same plan, since they have suffered greatly as well - first under two successive Awnshegh?s and then the war in Rohrmarch that threatened their livelihood as well. They seem to be doing well, as merchants come and go frequently, which is precisely the teaching of the CSH.
In order to gain some financial muscle, Raehech tried to set up shop in another field of business: seabound trade. With the Stormseekers Shipping Company he?ll try to obtain wealth to pay for the plans ahead.
The immediate plans ahead are probably targeted on the various infidels in the home region of the Church. Many folk of Anuire have been guided from the path of righteousness to the belief that those other than Anuirean Gods are worth worshiping. Though no official plans will be revealed until the Day of the Reckoning, whispers come forth from the shadows in the temples that something is afoot. Many observant man and woman of Anuire have noticed the rise in the number of strange Gods worshiped throughout their lands as the number of new temples increases, and Wincae has contacts with many of these folk. The perverse worshipers of strange gods should consider themselves warned ? a storm is coming.


The church has a number of temple holdings, a small number of law holdings and has just formed some guild holdings - although these are seen purely as ways to fund the 'real' activities of the church.


The church has several fortified abbeys, a number of larger churches but its heart is the great Cathederal in Caudraight.


The church rarely has much cash - it is growing so rapidly that it is spending as fast as it earns. Like any church its real wealth is in the fervor of its followers, and the hearts and minds of the general population.
The above is based on a text from, author unknown.

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