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Resting on a hill near the middle of the province of Lemnjohen, the Old Fort overlooks the safest and most easily traveled route into Dhoesone. Rjurik and Anuirean settlers have begun to inhabit the area under the protection of the Old Fort. The region again teems with activity.
A contingent of the Watch, employing both Holmjarllen and Marklorjen, staffs the Old Fort. Dagmar Druesbane, now semi-retired from adventuring, serves as their commander. She runs a more military oriented Watch contingent than Hogrun Njalsson does in the rest of the Downs, but she believes the White Witch plans for an invasion. In most other matters, Dagmar follows the lead of Hogrun.

Old Fort of Lemnjohen

The map above is marked with areas described below. Use this table as a key.

[top]Main Tower

Three stories above the ground, the main tower of the Old Fort stands higher than any of its companions. From the wooden platform on the roof, guards look out over the province and can see the Silverheart Mountains to the north and the Aelvinnwode to the south. It is said that when the White Witch invaded Bjorlangen, Dagmar Druesbane saw the smoke rising in the east from this vantage and set about building a bright signal fire to summon the fleeing Rjurik.
Dagmar makes her home on the second floor of the main tower. Her lieutenant, Gris Oldstone, makes his home on the first level, along with some perishable stores, such as herbs. The third floor is an armory in which Dagmar is assembling weapons and armor to outfit a force should the Old Fort come under attack.

[top]Dhoesone's Watch

Gris Oldstone has been supervising and coordinating improvements to the fort. Now completed, the southern-most tower has been refurbished with new stone dragged from local creek beds. It is only two stories high, but features a platform on top. It is from this vantage that a lookout would hope to spot relief from Dhoesone in case of a siege.
The second interior floor contains ammunition and oil stockpiled against siege. Vertico Dhariel sent this and other war material in hopes that Dhoesone's border is secure from menaces from the Downs. Five officers of the Watch bunk in the first floor barracks. One officer comes on duty every four hours for an eight hour shift, except for the middle of the day, when there is more activity and, hopefully, more watchful eyes.

[top]Gate Towers

Two stories high, the Old Fort's two gates have pointed roofs with shingles in the Anuirean style. The overlook the gate and the portcullis (3a). The gate can be opened or locked, and the portcullis can be dropped or raised, from inside either tower.
On the first floor of each gate tower live four guards who watch the gate and check new arrivals to the Old Fort. They bear the responsibility of keeping undesirables out of the installation, and Dagmar makes sure they take this responsibility seriously.

[top]Ruined Wall and Tower

Though improvements and repairs have been made, over 100 feet of wall and a second wide tower still lay in ruin. Area 2 has been rebuilt. Dagmar is quite concerned about the vulnerability of this situation, but construction proceeds slowly. Gris Oldstone provides as much direction as he can, though he may well prefer to get things done right than get them done quickly. A palisade has been constructed as a temporary measure, but it would provide little real challenge from an attacker who came to besiege the Old Fort.


Most of the Holmjarllen and Marklorjen at the Old Fort have quarters in this barracks. This single floor building is fairly crowded but the Watchmen are kept busy so few find time to get cabin fever. Patrols and drills are frequent and routine, and Dagmar seeks to increase their efforts.


While Lemnjohen has many creeks and small ponds around the Old Fort, Dagmar wisely had the old Anuirean well redug and deepended. The location of the fort was originally chosen because of the ability to dig the well. The well is quite deep to reach the water table. Gris Oldstone himself excavated the well, and knows of a secret entrance to a labyrinth under the Old Fort. Dagmar has not shared this secret even with her officers.

[top]Stable and Corral

Lemnjohen has no native horse population and the Anuirean horses used in Dhoesone are not well suited to that country in winter. Importing Rjurik horses would be desired, but so far only the half dozen horses that carried Dagmar's adventuring party to the Old Fort in the first place are in the stable. Sheep, chickens, and pigs occupy most of the space of the corral.

[top]Storage Buildings

The Old Fort's stockpiles of foodstuffs remain scant as the refugees from Bjorlangen have great need and no crop. Dagmar has collected tolls from travellers, and used the proceeds to buy food for the winter, but this small quantity buys little. After his visit, Vertico Dhariel of Dharilein promised to send grain, salted meat, and other supplies before winter. Dagmar knows that the availability of this delivery depends on the Blood Skull Barony remaining quiet. Count Vertico's first duty is to repel the Blood Skullers.

[top]Smith and Carpenter

The Rjurik Poulsen family lives in this sizeable home and maintains the Old Fort's only smithy and carpentry. Hedda Paulsen, a powerful looking woman with red hair and a ruddy complexion, works in the woodshop while her husband, Holt Poulsen tends to the forge. Their two daughters, Inga and Kolina are too young to help out with the crafts, and have apparently become the mischievous mascots of the Old Fort.

[top]Tack and Bridle

The old scrounger Hadrien Ruidelander is a bit of a rogue and rascal. He convinced Dagmar that he was a capable tanner and got permission to open a shop inside the keep. He then convinced Dagmar that he could act as trading representative for the Old Fort. Dagmar has named Hadrien chief quartermaster and allows him to trade with merchants and travelers for the good of the fort. He splits the profit with Dagmar. Known to the settlers as a well meaning scavenger, he often enlists the children of the community to forage the area. Dagmar is concerned about the safety of thus practice and is considering restrictions.


The fort's open area sees use by the men of the garrison as a training ground and game field. On occasion a merchant will set up tents and sell wares to the inhabitants of the Old Fort.

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