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Old Father of the Forests


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18 RP

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The Great Druid of the Old Father of the Forests is Pieter Astridsen.

[top]Teaching and Doctrine

In the Basin region of Brechtür, a group of worshippers of Erik exists that is largely outside any of the Rjurik temples. These followers of the Old Father of the Forests guard the wilderness against degradations by man and beast. Similar in some ways to the Emerald Spiral in its messages, its congregation is commonly associated with the Coulladaraight, being made up of rangers, druids and others from the woods. The name of the church is one of the many nicknames used for Erik.

The local elves recognise the good that this church does but prefer to work with the less religious members of its community. Fin Haeaelfyn is largely the one responsible for controlling any trade done between the Old Father of the Forests and the world outside of the Coulladaraight.

In Treucht, the stone circles and sacred groves are often used for ceremonies with followers of Lirorn.


The Old Father of Forests temple may be as old as Brechtür itself. It has survived many permutations over the centuries, disappearing for a time, but reappearing with the same name and with, remarkably, the same philosophies. This sect can be traced back to the arrival of the third wave of settlers to the Great Bay region, likely brought by the early Rjurik men and women who mingled with the larger Brecht population.

Of late, Pieter Astridsen has devoted the Old Father of Forests’ resources toward building a lasting peace within the Basin. His rangers and druids probe the Banshegh’s Domain, aiding its people, and the work to protect the forests of Rheulgard and Müden from guilds that may abuse it. Astridsen maintains that his faith can coexist with civilization as long as people of Brechtür maintain a healthy respect for things they may not understand (particularly nature).

[top]Major Centers of Worship

[top]Important Figures

[top]Rumors and Plots

Some of the older druids and rangers of the temple believe Pieter Astridsen may be too peaceful at times, and are concerned that the more aggressive temples and non-religious domains may expand their influence at the cost of the temple in Brechtür

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