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[top]A forest awakened

Several druids were slain by loggers while protesting about plans to cut a sacred grove. The culprits were never found and the Oaken Grove could do little beyond complain bitterly to Alaric Huire, the local lord, or so was thought. Recently however loggers in the wood have found the trees seem to move, rumors say even strike against them, while saplings grow to mighty size overnight and good logged wood set aside for seasoning instead rots or warps to worthlessness.

The Oaken Grove has publicly denied any involvement, and none of its druids are even believed to remain in the area, folk tales talk of the angry spirits of the slain druids, and all but the druids and elves are coming to fear the angry woods.

[top]Rapt in beauty

The oft sought but rarely found nymph of Sidhuire has been a staple of bardic songs for generations though only a handful had ever truly met with her. Recently however this has changed, over a dozen comely young lads have disappeared in the woods after hearing distant yearning songs and their parents, and oft betrothed, are increasingly frantic, while the merchants, who have seen several of their most promising employees wander off and not return, are increasingly intent on finding and slaying the 'seductress of the woods'.

[top]St. Ingram's cudgel

Ingram, long scorned as a stubborn reactionary even for a druid of the Grove, has begun speaking out against the Grove's willingness to seek a peaceable means to oppose the guilds and the northern Reformed church. Few listened until recently when a miracle occurred and the crude cudgel of the druid became infused with the wrath of Aeric. Ingram is rapidly gaining followers now for he is clearly favored by Aeric.

His attacks, both physical and verbal, on loggers and the like is rapidly angering not merely the guilds, but also the local lords who see him as an outlaw and rogue. Ingram cares not, dreams and visions of those who violate the earth come to him and his mighty cudgel gives him the power to smite them down and shatter their works and in such destruction he is made content.

[top]Veldt Might

Well aware that many fail to see the quiet strength of the druids several druids have suggested the creation of a veldt golem, a champion of Erik that could be used to defend the folk against raiders, and if need be defend the sacred groves from loggers, for some of the druids are fearful that Adaere Doneim's loggers would not hesitate to chop down the sacred groves themselves.

[top]Blessed but Blind

For years the druids have tried to win converts amongst the sidhe. How can the sidhe, in touch with the natural world in so many ways, fail to see the wisdom of following the Father of the Forests? Niall Blueleaf, a young elf from a local tribe listened to the teachings of Erik and after studying and debating with the druids for nearly two years abruptly vanished recently.

An augury showed the youth simply shrug one day, cease his meditations, take off his robe and walk off into the forest, but the druids wonder what sorcery was involved, surely no-one would simply abandon the faith after spending so long learning of it?

A sidhe druid would be a potent symbol for the faith, possibly even the key to spreading the faith amongst the elves and redeeming them from their godlessness.

[top]The Barony's own

The Druids have long despaired of the damage caused by the warring guilds. Decades of speaking against the guilds has failed, terribly so in neighboring Cariele where the people simply turned away from the druids who were 'bent on impoverishing us'. Some of the druids have as a result begun to see how industry and nature might co-exist peaceably. These druids are slowly trying to convince the Baroness to take on the guilds on their own turf by taking control of various trading concerns and welding these into a guild of her own.

Slightly less 'modern' druids meanwhile lobby the baroness to pass laws against logging and mining, ban hunting and so on. The more modern druids liken these actions of their brethren as seeking to bail water with a sieve but the more traditional druids number several prominent speakers amongst their number and so the talk continues.

[top]Might is not right

Long aware of the appeal that Haelyn poses to Anuireans the druids have long counseled for separation between the state and the military in the hope that by keeping the soldiers at a distance the Barons of the realm will be less inclined to support the Haelynites.

The druids recognize the military skill of Haelyn's followers and the need that the barony has for such skills, but whenever possible they ensure that the baroness hears of the darker side of the military, brawls, hotheadedness, rivalry between units and the dangers posed by ambitious young officers. Some druids go further than words, suggesting that the Grove should raise its own troops.

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