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Founded more than 600 years ago, the Nuridan Temple of Sarma is no longer confined to rich trading cities, but is embraced whereever trade, prosperity, or fortune are matters of concern. Her shrines are found throughout the Docandragh and the Zha´nge Valley, though her influence is strongest in the coastal cities of Khourane and Djafra. The Nuridan Temple is happy to work with guilds to extend prosperity and wealth anywhere, but is also interested in acquiring guild holdings and businesses since Rigel min Namal became the Lord Priest.


[top]Teaching and Doctrine


[top]Major Centers of Worship


Nurida is the ancient home of the Nuridan Temple. The city of Mandura houses the great cathedral, the treasury and the house of records.


Djafra is a very important political location.


Tuarime's city Ramellan is the home of the Nuridan temple in Khourane.


Mesire's rulers don't look to Lady Luck, but the merchants of the great city don't fail to give Sarma her due.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Nuridan Temple of Sarma
Adeid, Khourane (2/3)KFM (1)NTS (2)SOS (2)Sir (2)
Ber Fala´a, Khourane (6/1)KFM (3)SOH (4)DC (4)KFM (1)
SOS (1)NTS (2)SOS (2)
el-Sirte, Khourane (1/8)KFM (1)NTS (1)SOS (1)Sir (5)
Tuarime, Khourane (3/2)KFM (2)NTS (3)DC (2)KFM (2)
Bagira, Djafra (3/4)SN (2)NTS (2)SOS (3)BD (2)
Cape Hamah, Djafra (1/8)DML (1)NTS (1)DML (1)BD (5)
Djafra, Djafra (7/0)BD (3)FDA (4)DML (5)BD (0)
DML (3)NTS (3)DC (1)
SOS (1)
FhÝrda, Djafra (4/3)SN (2)NTS (4)SOS (4)Sir (3)
SOS (2)
Nurida, Djafra (5/2)SN (3)NTS (3)SOS (4)Sir (2)
SOS (2)FDA (2)DML (1)
Abbreviations: NTS=Nuridan Temple of Sarma (Rigel min Namal); SN= Shahlilah min Nurida (Bey of Nurida); KFM= Kalilah bint Farid el-Mashil (Khourane); BD=BeshÝd el-Djafara (Djafra); SOH=Shield of Hala´a (Tihara min Buseri); SOS=Society of the Serpent (Darius Asparta); DC=Docandragh Coster (Omar el-Rehal); DML=Djafran Merchant League (Ousira bint Falih); Sir=Mour el-Sirad (el Sirad); GS=Gray Shadow (Taeric Uluine); .

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