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Northlands Exchange


Guildmistress Mheallie Bireon

Caerlinien in Riverford
Plutocratic Monarchy

worked goods, luxuries, skilled craftsmen
ores, woods, furs

said to be bottomless


Status: Only Available to PCs in a villainous campaign
In the cutthroat world of the northern guilds, the Northlands Exchange lives up to the ruthlessness of its guildmistress, Mheallie Bireon. The other guilds on the region have to play her way or they find themselves out of business.
Though Mheallie pulls the strings here, she finds it useful to hide behind Evan Sorelies, who appears to run the guild while Mheallie enjoys a prosperous retirement. However, nothing escapes the devious Mheallie's notice.
The Northlands Exchange is actually a central organization that runs a conglomerate of three sub-guilds:
The combined three guilds are then nominally run by Evan Sorelies, all however answer to Mheallie Bireon and her husband Arturous Rhaedien.

[top]Commerce and Production

[top]Centers of Trade

Most of the Northlands, but the guild controls Cariele almost completely.



Nowhere in northern Anuire is completely free from the influence of the guild which has spies and agents even where it does not have substantive mercantile investments. The guild creed is greed, treachery, and cold hearted pragmatism in equal measure. The guild pays its debts - for good or bad - and exacts harsh recompense from those who have wronged it.

[top]Important Figures

Mheallie Bireon, Guildmistress of the Northlands Exchange

Aarturous Rhaedien, husband of Mheallie and a legal and diplomatic expert

Evan Sorelies, lieutenant of Mheallie Bireon and the front man for the Northlands Exchange central organisation, he gives every appearance of being in charge of the three allied guilds.

Gareth Cayne, nominally the guildmaster of the sub-guild also known as the Northlands Exchange, Gareth Cayne splits his time between Dhoesone and Tuarhievel.

Dietmar Heugens, nominally the guildmaster of the Source of the Maesil.

Caelan Chandler, nominally the guildmaster of the Stonecrown Coster.

[top]Plots and Rumours

A series of accidents have struck the Upper Anuire Traders including injury to Gaelin Thuried himself. His home was attacked by well armed bandits and he is seriously injured. Suspicious eyes look to the Northlands Exchange.

[top]Domain Holding Table

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