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[top]Commerce and Production

The bulk of the guild's production are day to day products everyone needs, shoes, cloth, woodworking and so on, but there are some specific goods too.
Most of the grain and other foodstuff are produced in Aziev and Tsongya Vale zhupas. Wood, fleece, cattle, furs and other animal products are coming from forest zhupas Sovradaloy, Dansk and Ras Medecin. Fishers from Tsongya River and Kalat River, find their catch sold on the markets of Aziev and Tsongya Vale. Goods of higher quality, like arms and armour are being made in Aziev. In recent time the guild started to gather mercenaries for its own protection and for employing them to other factions.
The guild control only few trade routes, one brings wood and other raw materials to Aziev city from Sovradaloy zhupa, and another ships grain from Tsongya Vale to Kurmansk in Molochev. The later trade route is a "favor" done to the Pyerun Chernevik and Voivod's officials are not too happy about it.

[top]Centers of Trade

There are two centers of trade in Northern Traders Guild, one is merchant ghetto in Aziev city and another is Tergovishte, small trading town in Tsongya Vale zhupa.


The history of the Northern Traders is the history of Sacha Kaptrev, for since his grandfather first sold the family farm to seek his fortune through trade, the guild they founded has been synonymous with its guildmaster, for all three Kaptrev guildmasters to date have dominated their guild through force of personality and few others in the organisation have ever obtained significant independence.


Northern Traders Guild supports Voivod Vladimir Nikailov, because they fear of what will happen with trade if torva faction take power in the country. Their support is quiet one, as they dare not to offend the Belinikers. Their quiet support of the crown gave them right to trade with elves of Cwmb Bheinn and Rhuannach, and Vos of Molochev, but the major gain was the right to hold their own army as protection for their caravans, guild houses and trade centers.
The ongoing trade route between Tsongya Vale and Kurmansk, is a effort to help Vos brethren fighting the vile goblins and it is done under the blessing of torva rebels. The trade route is first economic and diplomatic connection between Molochev's Tribute of Kings guild and North Traders Guild.
The Voivod, on the other hand, presses Sacha to create a trade route with any of the elven realms in surrounding, a move that can anger the torva. Trade route with elves will be a great help to Voivod's diplomacy and perhaps widens his short list of friends and allies.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Northern Traders Guild
Aziev, Kozlovnyy (4/3)VN (2)TM (4)NTG(3)*Swa (2)
Dansk, Kozlovnyy (1/6)-TM (1)NTG (1)Swa (2)
Ras Medecin, Kozlovnyy (1/6)-FDA (1)NTG (1)-
Sovradaloy, Kozlovnyy (2/5)VN (1)TM (2)NTG (2)Swa (2)
Tsongya Vale, Kozlovnyy (3/2)VN (1)TM (3)NTG (3)Swa (1)
* indicates a fortified holding
Abbreviations: VN = Vladimir Nikailov (Kozlovnyy); TM = Temple of Might (Pyerun Chernevik); FDA=Fiery Dawn of Avani (Jihal el-Arrat); NTG = North Traders Guild.

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