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Northern Reformed Church of Sarimie


Most Sacred Minister, Larra Nielems


Alignment: Neutral Evil.
Status: A villianous domain. Suitable for an evil campaign connected to Cariele. Otherwise, not recommended.


The Most Sacred Minister, Larra Nielems has carried the Sacred Purse of Golden Reward since being sent by her protege, Temias Coumain to exploit opportunities for Sarimie. She regards the temple as a money-making enterprise.

[top]Doctrine and Faith

  • Hard work deserves reward.
  • The wise man invests in times of plenty to ensure plenty in times of hardship.
  • Success should be flaunted, to show others the path to success marks one as great.
  • To hoard wealth is foolish; wealth unspent wasted for wealth exists to be used.
  • To refuse to risk is to refuse to succeed. If something can be obtained without risk and effort then it is free to all and of no value.
  • To give charity to those unfortunate or who have taken reasoned risk and lost is wise for all who dare will stumble and in time such charity may repay dividends.
  • To give charity to those who have squandered their wealth or refused to provide for themselves is folly for it encourages them to lie in slothfulness.
  • People make their own luck through daring to seize the chances they are given.

With the rise of the guilds over the decades the faith of Sarimie has also grown. Long revered as the goddess of luck guildsmen have taken to Sarimie's aspect as the god of trade and wealth with enthusiasm for Sera's edicts give their efforts moral authority denied by the Oaken Grove.

Despite the slurs of its rivals, the Reformed Church of Sarimie does not in general seek temporal power; although the church does seek wealth even this is not its true purpose. What it seeks above all is the spread of Sarimie's doctrine of wealth and prosperity through daring and innovation.

Nevertheless the church is an active investor in many businesses throughout Dhoesone and a number of its priests have become quite wealthy.


When an aggressive guilder, Mheallie Bireon, began reforming the Stonecrown Coster in Cariele, Temias Coumain of the Celestial Jewel of Sarimie urged his protege, Larra Nielems to go to Cariele and establish a daughter church of the Celestial Jewel. He promised support until should could get established, as well as an alliance thereafter. In order to conceal their cooperation, Larra formed the Reformed Church of Sarimie, using the appearance of of division between the new Church in Cariele and the Celestial Jewel, since some templars might oppose Larra on the basis of opposing the expansion of the Celestial Jewel. On the other hand, opponents of the Celestial Jewel might welcome a schism. In fact, Larra and Temias Coumain remain close allies.

[top]Major Centers of Worship

The Northern Reformed Temple of Sarimie concentrates its power in larger cities and towns, where the money is. Some smaller shrines and chapels appear throughout the countryside.




[top]Important Figures

[top]Pathfinder domains and subdomains

The following Pathfinder domains and subdomains are granted by the Northern Reformed Church of Sarimie:
Chaos (Whimsy), Evil (Demon, Daemon, Fear), Luck (Curse, Fate), Travel (Trade), and Trickery (Greed)

[top]Plots and rumors

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Northern Reformed Church of Sarimie
Mhelliviene, Cariele (5/2)MB (3)LN (5)MB (5)DD (0)
EG (2)AM (0)
Mountainsedge, Cariele (3/4)MB (2)LN (3)MB (3)EO (0)
EG (1)GB (0)
Riverford, Cariele (5/2)MB (3)LN(5)MB (5)EO (0)
EG (2)GB (0)DD (0)
Sidhuire, Dhoesone(2/5)FD (1)JA (2)AD (2)DD (5)
AD (0)LN (0)
Ruidewash, Dhoesone (2/5)FD (1)JA (1)AD (2)DD (5)
AD (0)LN (1)
Sonnelind, Dhoesone (4/3)FD (3)LN (3)MB (2)DD (3)
MB (1)JA (1)AD (2)
Tradebhein, Dhoesone (2/5)FD (1)LN (2)MB (2)DD (5)
MB (0)JA (0)
Nolien, Dhoesone (3/2)FD (2)LN (3)SH (3)CD (2)
SH (0)JA (0)
Skapa Hjarring, Halskapa (4/3)Be (3)LN (1)Be (3)-
GB (2)
Abbreviations: LN=Larra Nielems (Northern Reformed Church of Sarimie); MB=Mhaellie Bireon (Stonecrown Coster),(Source of the Maesil), (Northlands Exchange); SH=Storm Holtson (Stjordvik Traders); AD=Adaere Doneim (Northern Imports and Exports); EG=Entier Gladanil (Cariele); FD=Fhiele Dhoesone (Dhoesone); AM=Antia Maricoere (Haelyn's Aegis); JA=James Ardannt (Haelyn's Bastion of Truth); GB=Günther Brandt (Oaken Grove of Erik); EO=Eyeless One; DD=Daeric Dhoesone; CD=Clumine Dhoesone; Be=Bervinig of Halskapa.

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