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Northern Imports and Exports


Guildmaster Adaere Doneim

Plutocratic Monarchy


Status: Recomended
Controlling the lion?s share of trade in Dhoesone and Thurazor this guild is most powerful in the forests although the mines of Dharilein also answer to the guild. The guild has failed to pay taxes for years beyond the odd token, claiming that ongoing banditry by elven murderers has depleted its income ? and why should the merchants pay the baroness to defend them when she allows thieving murderous elves to roam freely in Dhoesone?s borders?

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Howard Doneim, the previous regent of the Northern Imports was a financier of the realm as well as many of the guild activities in the Northern Marches. Under Howard, the Northern Imports and Exports had gone from being a shipping company, bringing goods in and out of Dhoesone, to a significant banking concern as well. However, before Howard had passed from this world the world of the guilds was shaken.
The guild world in Dhoesone had been largely divided between a series of independent traders (now subsumed into the Stjordvik Traders), who controlled the trade on the Northbyrn River, Northern Imports and Exports who controlled shipping and banking, and the Upper Anuire Traders who were dominant in the craft guilds in the towns.
Over the last twenty years, guild relations went form a sleepy cordiality to cutthroat rivalries. The Northlands Exchange entered the market with some backing from Mheallie Bireon, a ruthless guilder from Cariele, and carved out a place in Tradebhein and Sonnelind by utterly destroying the holdings of the Upper Anuire Traders and Northern Imports and Exports. Adaere and his father were more effective at defending their holdings until their lieutenant, Bannier Andien decided to break away with a few of his friends, effectively tearing the guild in half.


[top]Important Figures

Adaere Doneim, Guildmaster of Northern Imports and Exports

Martin Cooper, Lieutenant

[top]Plots and Rumours

The price of passion

Clumine Dhoesone may have thought her secret assignations with [TBA] could be hidden, but Adaere?s informants proved otherwise. The guilder has begun to blackmail the countess with revelation of the affair in order to win her support in influencing the baroness.

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