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The summer solstice is a time of joy for all people, most of whom celebrate for several days culminating in the Night of Fire when Aebrynis passes through a dust cloud and the sky lights up with natural meteorites.

Amongst the people of Anuire, the summer solstice splits into Haelyn's Day and the Night of Fire, both of which are sacred to Haelyn and Cuiraecen whose priests spend the day in charitable works and demonstrations of prowess as suits their nature. The constellation of Haelyn the Protector is full during the month of the festival and the connection between Aebrynis and the Shadow World is at its weakest, as a result it is not uncommon for knights of both Cuiraecen and Haelyn to lead troops against the undead on this day.

Amongst the Rjurik the day is celebrated as a holy day of Erik, druids gather mistletoe, holly and other sacred materials under the moon preceding midsummers day and then again by the noon sun of midsummers day. Typically for the Rjurik the day starts with a brief ceremony to ask for Erik?s protection for the year to come and the day is then spent in hunting, feasting, marriages, contests of skill and merriment.

Amongst the Vos the priests typically have no ceremonies - Kriesha in particular shuns this day. The people however typically celebrate the plentiful food supply (by their standards) around them. A rite of Kriesha that does often get performed is the Memory of Winter. Some unfortunate, often a warrior who has loudly celebrated midsummer, is captured and slain by frost magic as a sacrifice to Kriesha and symbol that winter always comes again.

Although the priests of Avani do not recognise any day as holy beyond the anniversary of Deismaar, the Khinasi celebrate midsummer as special to her. Many Khinasi along the Sun Coast seek to bask in her radiance on this day, although so brutal is the heat of the Khinasi summer (particularly in the deserts) that many pray for Avani?s mercy rather than in praise of her.

The Brecht, do not celebrate midsummer, this is the height of the Brecht mercantile season and there is time enough for celebrations when the work is done.

Ruornil's priests typically spend the day making plans against the Shadow World in the hope that such plans will pass unseen during midsummer when the Shadow World is far away. An increasingly vocal section of the clergy of Medoere believe that they should redouble their efforts to strengthen the evanescence on this day when it is naturally strongest.

The elves celebrate the summer solstice with the Celebration of Light. The dwarves in more friendly times would celebrate midsummer with vast trade-fairs on their borders, secure in the knowledge that no orogs ever ventured out on so bright and hot a day.

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